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Hillview Kennels

Hillview Kennels was started out of a life long love for the German Shepherd Dog. Being raised with Germans Shepherds and owning them for my entire life, I never contemplated having a kennel, breeding dogs or having any involvement with the sport of schutzhund. However, tragedy struck and in 2001, I lost one of my best friends, my dog AJ. I spent nine years with AJ and went through the best and worst of times with him, and he was always there for me, always loyal, always patient and always happy to see me. AJ was my dog and I loved him, but he was far from perfect. He was unpredictable and would fear bite. I thought for a long time that it was just my lack of training skills, but I came to learn that it was really due to poor breeding. I guess the fact that he weighed 140#'s should have been a blinding flash of the obvious.

So after a grief period, I began to really learn about the German Shepherd Dog. I learned about what good temperament really was, I learned why the sport of schutzhund was created by the man who created the breed itself. My learning made my appreciation of the breed grow and my desire to have a real German Shepherd, with all the traits that made this breed so popular and loved. I wanted a GSD with great temperament, excellent nerves, incredible intelligence and athletic ability. I was one of the lucky ones. I found a great puppy. So many people are breeding dogs for money and not love of the breed. And as a result there are many disappointed new dog owners with new puppies that will never have happy homes.

My new puppy is named Atze. He is an amazing dog, who has competed at the National level of schutzhund competitions, and achieved the highest level of tracking titles available, one that only a handful of dogs achieve in America each year. I put the BH title on Atze, but came to realize that he was a better dog than I was a trainer, so off Atze went, to be handled by professional trainers. Atze is the primary stud dog at Hillview Kennels, but I am getting ahead of myself.

I formed Hillview Kennels for several reasons. First is that I never want anyone to have to go through what I did because of poor breeding. Second is that I wanted to help maintain the quality and traits of the true working German Shepherd Dog. Third is that I want to help produce dogs that have the ability to be family companions, service dogs, police, bomb and drug dogs. Challenging yet unbelievably rewarding.

Our Kennel is a small but professional operation. All of our dogs are family members, and live with my husband, four year old son and myself. Our females are all schutzhund titled, with OFA certifications, and have proven to pass the desirable traits that they and our studs possess. Our puppies are whelped at our eleven acre home in Nashville Tennessee. They are an important part of our daily lives from day one. They are exposed to open pastures, woods, carpet, slick floors, stairs, children and normal kennel environments. We work hard to begin the socialization process and closely monitor the health of our puppies with several great local vets.

So that is the story of why and how Hillview Kennels was begun. We never stop learning about this great breed of dog, we are constantly improving our gene pool, and we work closely with some of the best trainers in the world. You can benefit from our labor of love and improve your breeding program with genetics from Hillview Kennels, or you can find the ultimate companion for you and your family.


Services and Importing

At Hillview Kennels we can provide clients with any kind of training needs, from housebreaking, socializing, crate training, basic obedience, to Schutzhund titles and home protection training. We also have very reputable contacts in Germany and we have the ability to import the very best high caliber German Shepherds Dogs. Don't hesitate to call us. We will try our very best to fulfill your needs.

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