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Frequently Asked Questions

We receive calls all day every day about our puppies, training and import services. We love to talk with all of you who are looking for your next dog. So we thought we would post some of the most frequently asked questions to help you in your search.

Q. Do you offer a contract with your puppies?

A. Yes, the contract details the rights and responsibilities of "both"Ā¯ the buyer and the breeder. Call us about the specifics and make sure you understand all the conditions before you sign this or any contract.

Q. Do you train and compete with your dogs?

A. We get this question quite often. Yes, we train our dogs every day; it is a way of life around our house. We have titled dogs in the past, but we came to the realization that we had better dogs than we were trainers. This is a big misconception in the dog world that to be a good breeder you have to be a great trainer. Let's use an analogy, if your child had incredible potential in either academics or sports, would you not put them in the best school or with the best coach you could find to help them achieve their potential? It is the same with our dogs. We focus all our energy of finding the best genetic material to breed and prove our breeding through competing our progeny with the best trainers in the world. Some of the best kennels in Germany, for instance, Karthago and Salztalblick, do not train and compete with their own dogs.

Q. Do you offer pick of the Litter?

A. No, and the reason is simple. We spend all day every day with our puppies. From the time they are whelped at our home until they leave. Out of each litter, we have request for sport dogs, SAR dogs, family companions and so on, we see the traits of each dog, and feel that after seven to eight weeks we know better how to select the right dog for your needs. A word of caution is to be careful buying puppies from people who lease females overseas then ship a litter here to be sold. There is no way for them to know the temperaments and traits of these dogs when the only time they spend with them is on the way home from the airport.

Q. Do you offer discounts?

We are proud members of USCA and are pleased to offer a 10% discount to USCA members with a valid membership card and proof of titling a dog to a minimum of an IPO1.
We also proudly offer a 10% discount to our country's military and law enforcement. Please contact us directly for details.

Q. Will you review the pedigrees, contracts, dams or sires of other kennels?

A. No, we will talk with you at length about our dogs, breeding and philosophy, but we will not talk about another kennel and the way they decide to do business. We are proud of how we do business and the dogs we produce and want to focus on that. We offer this respect to others and would hope they would do the same.

Q. We see you talk about your team of trainers and partners in Germany, which seems unique in the dog world.

A. We are not the first to use the team concept, but we know it works in this and every other business. To be successful in business or in our desire to produce the highest quality German Shepherd Dogs you have to surround yourself with the highest quality people with the expertise to do the job right. We do not have the arrogance to believe that we can be world class trainers, care for our females and puppies properly and travel overseas with the frequency needed and have the contacts to find the best possible dogs. This takes a team of people truly dedicated to preserving and producing world class dogs. We feel we have put together the highest quality team to accomplish our objectives and provide you with best possible dogs.

Q. What if we want you to find a mature dog from Germany for us?

A. We can help you with the entire process whether you are looking for a trained family companion, brood female, top sport dog or even a show dog. First we need a lot of information from you, what you are looking for, titles, temperament and what the dog will be doing when he gets here. While we go to Germany several times a year, you do not have to wait for us to make a trip. Back to the team concept, our team in Germany will begin the search. They are the experts and have the reputation and respect of their fellow countrymen unlike anyone here in the states that goes to Europe a couple of times a year. They have proven themselves in the dog world as competitors, trainers and judges. They will find the dog, test the dog, take the dog home and train with it. When they are confident they have the right dog, they will make videos for you to watch. There testing is not in the parking lot for 15 minutes. When you approve, we will arrange health inspections, transportation and import clearance for the dog to be delivered to you.

Q. How much do your puppies cost?

A. Now that you have probably read through our website and these FAQs you can see our commitment to the working German Shepherd Dog. So you are probably thinking that these are not going to be cheap puppies. You are right, our puppies start at $3,000 and go up from there based on the parents. If you are looking for a companion for the next 12 to 15 years, the cost of the puppy is minimal compared to what you should spend over the course of the dog's life, food, regular healthcare, training, and housing. Look at it this way, one cheeseburger combo a week for the life of the dog will cost you more than the puppy.

Q. Why canā€™t I put a deposit down on the website? How does the process work?

A. We have waiting lists for every litter to approved homes. We take matching up one of our puppies very seriously, this is not an online puppy store. Once pregnancies are confirmed we accept deposits from our waiting list first, either over phone by credit card, checks and wires are also accepted. We always take deposits on the sex of the puppy, but when it comes to color, the temperament, drives and personalities, should outweigh the color.

Q. Do you support or work with any GSD rescue groups?

A. As responsible breeders we do our best to match our puppies with their new owners. We want peace and harmony in their new homes and success with whatever training directions are chosen. We don't want the dogs or owners frustrated and unhappy. People don't realize the importance of choosing a breeder that has a great track record for evaluating and placing puppies. Too many German Shepherds end up in shelters due to the owners lack of homework in choosing the right breeder for this lifetime commitment. We also believe that with responsible ownership, should come planning for the dog's future if the owner should die. Have in writing a plan as to which family member will take your pets. If there is no family member, then please find a trusted friend to take them. Too many pets end up in shelters due to a lack of planning. With all that said, we are proud to support and recommend a very reputable and respected GSD rescue, Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue http://www.mtgsr.com/Home.html

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