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SG Jawa vom Wolvindorph, IPO1, Kkl

Hips ‘a’normal/ ED normal, ZW 73

Check out the video of Jawa from our Youtube Channel.

Jawa vom Wolvindorph is a new addition to our breeding program from Germany. We were very excited to see that her grandfather is Franco ze Zdenkovo dvora, 1st place LGA in 2007and BSP 2007 competitor. Reason being, he is the sire of one of our all time favorite proven producers, now retired, Beika vom Amberg. She produced numerous healthy, gorgeous, sound, and versatile working dogs. Jawa’s dam is IPO3, VPG3 and a very nice female. Had the chance to meet her. She has super temperament and is a very good mother. Jawa’s sire it Faro von Karthago, IPO3, FH2. He placed 2nd in 2010 LGA and 4th at the 2010 Jugendmeisterschaft (Youth Nationals).


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Ricochet von Hügelblick, AD, BH, IPO1, IPO2, IPO3, KKL

HD fast normal, ED normal, ZW 85

First of all, Ricochet has an unbelievable pedigree. Her sire is Olek von der Maineiche, multiple BSP and LGA competitor, 2nd place in 2009. Olek is an Ellute von der Mohnwiese son. Her dam is our very own, Planka vom Wällerhorst, IPO3, LGA competitor in 2009.

LGA competitor in 2009. Ricochet comes from the R2 litter our first litter we had from Planka. It is safe to say that Ricochet possesses a lots of drive, very happy dog that takes corrections very easily. Has an attitude about her that makes you fall in love instantly. She has rock solid nerves and a super temperament. She is very serious when it comes to doing protection work. Her looks definitely take after her father, people often mistake her for a male. She has been training in Germany and in good hands with her trainer, Rainer Dersch, an accomplished Rottweiler trainer and breeder.


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SG Ouch von Hügelblick, IPO3, FH, Kkl1

Hips "a" normal , Elbows normal ZW 71

DOB- 2/4/2010

Check out the videos of Ouch from our Youtube Channel.
10 weeks old
Ouch and Atze entertaining themselves
Biest vom Hügelblick (from her first litter in Germany), running blinds @ 14 weeks
Long bite

Ouch is a phenomenal female that was whelped here at Hillview. She stood out in the litter very early on.  She is a very intelligent, confident, happy, social female, that showed a very serious side on the field at an early age. She is the fastest and most agile female we have ever produced. She is a freight train that doesn't slow down on a courage test. Her desire to please and work shows in her tracking, 100 points on her IPO 1, IPO 2 and IPO 3.

Her sire, Isaac vom Bracheler See, competed in the Bundessiegerprüfung 2 times and the WUSV in 2009. Isaac's sire is one of our favorites, Olex de Valsory. Ouch's dam is our now retired, Yessy vom Welzbachtal. Yessy is a very strong and powerful female from strong maternal lines. Yessy's siblings, all females, are SchH3. Her granddam competed in the LGA.

Ouch resides in Germany and earned her titles in Germany with her handler Nils Freund, member of the Hillview Germany team. They are proving to be an excellent team. She will be busy training with Nils in 2013. Our plans are to have a litter from her late 2013/early 2014.


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Lucy von Hügelblick

HD normal/ ED normal, ZW 75

Lucy was whelped here at Hillview, from the L2 Hügelblick litter. She is from Drago vom Patriot’s first breeding, upon his arrival to the US, to our Conny vom Linzgau. It takes a team to make Hillview Kennels successful. Our good friend Gina Bishop Pfeffer imprinted and raised Lucy for her first year. Silke Dersch is now training Lucy in our SV club OG Hügelblick-Hirzenhain in Germany, where Lucy and Silke passed the BH.

She has an unbelievable pedigree. Her sire, Drago vom Patriot, is one of the most widely used studs in Germany and the USA. Drago’s sire, Nox von del Lupo Nero competed at the LGA several times, his dam, Eiwie vom bösen Bruderblick, was a 2 time SV BSP and 1 time FCI BSP competitor. Her sire was Aron vom Bracheler See, a Yoschy son. That is just the paternal side!

Lucy’s dam Conny vom Linzgau, Sch3, sire is Javir vom Talka Marda, 4 x LGA, 1st place 2008 BSP and went on to place 3rd that year at the WUSV. Lucy’s granddam, Aika vom schwarzen Vorro, Sch3 daughter of LGA and BSP competitor, Sid vom Haus Pixner.

Lucy will remain in Germany until her training is completed. Then we will be happy to welcome her home to be a part of our breeding program.


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SG Ussel von der Salztal-höhe, IPO3, FH

HD a normal/ED normal, ZW 78

Ussel is a young, IPO3, FH1 German import. We purchased her directly from the prestigious Salztablick kennel. In the past 30 years, they have bred many famous schutzhund competitors. On her paternal lineage, she has many solid Salztablick dogs, Granit Rose, BSP competitor, Uruk Schwarzen Milan. Her dam, Fraya vom Salztablick was a LGA competitor, sired by the famous Belgian, multiple WUSV competitor, Troll vom Haus Mellinda. 2nd place in 2000 WUSV.

Ussel is a solid black female with beautiful feminine qualities. She has the personality, strong nerves and temperament to die for. She is environmentally sound. She possesses all the great qualities that we feel make up a wonderful brood female for our kennel. She is sweet with all humans, old or young, especially the children. Fabulous with animals. But can turn on her protective side when necessary.

Ussel has arrived from Germany, pregnant by our stud male in Germany, D’Atze von Hügelblick. I knew without a doubt, that their physical traits and bloodlines will complement each other well.


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Isis von Hügelblick, IPO1

HD-normal/ED normal

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Never would I have imagined that due to personal circumstances, that Isis von Hügelblickwould fall back into our hands. Mike Holbrook, the owner of her brother, Ice von Hügelblick, definitely wanted the opportunity to meet her once she was available. We decided to do a co ownership with Mike. Together they did the IPO1. Isis happily resides with the Holbrook’s and is very happy living with her brother and half sister Andra vom casa Arado and romping around Wolfbrook Dog Club with lots of Hügelblick.

Isis came from our large 'I litter' full of outstanding littermates, including Ickky. Ickky was the only American born dog to compete on the USA team for the WUSV Championships in 2013. Not only is Isis as solid nerved as they get, like her mother Baghira von der Riesling Route, but she is as social and confident. Her mother Baghira is the matriarch of Hillview and one of our all time favorite producing females. Her sire is none other than Falk von den Wolfen. 3 X BSP competitor and sire of many LGA, BSP and WUSV competitors.

You can watch her early videos and see the level of intensity and desire to work at a young age.

Isis at 12 months with Ivan Balabanov imprinting her foundation


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G Beika vom Amberg

SchH2 Kkl2
Hips (a) normal ED-normal ZW-81

Beika was imported from Germany for several reasons, she accomplished her SchH2 2 title at only 20 months, for her super temperament and her pedigree. We feel that Beika can add great qualities to our breeding program. She is a beautiful sable with excellent nerves and drives.

She has a combination of excellent Czech Republic bloodlines of BSP competitor Franco ze Zdenkovo dvora and her grandsire, Quint z Daskonu competed at the WUSV and the FCI championships, and great grandsire the great Grim z Pohranicní stráže that competed at the 1997 WUSV.

Her West German bloodlines come from the Saltzablick kennel, Paska Saltzablick and her great grandsire was Nick vom Heiligenbosch.

Her first breeding will be from one of Germany's best producers, Falk von den Wolfen.


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V Briska vom Feenwald

Highest scoring female 2009 Working Dog Championships 5th pl(WUSV Qual)

HIghest scoring female 2009 WDA Championships 8th pl (WUSV Qual)

SchH3(V score) FH Kkl
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)
ED: normal (ZW 76)

You know when all of the stars have aligned right when an unbelievable opportunity like Briska comes about.

Briska is a beautiful black and tan, Falk von der Wolfen daughter, that just turned three years old (2-10-05). Before she turned 3 years old, she achieved her SchH3, FH, V rated, KKL1. She has a ZW rating of 76!

Prior to being imported from Germany, she was bred to V Ellute von der Mohnwiese. What a special addition to our breeding program. We have all fallen in love with Briska. She is the epitome of the perfect working dog. She's strikingly beautiful, and has strong pigment with dark eyes, a well defined stop and strong bone. She is loyal, watchful, intelligent, and has a wonderful temperament. She has extreme drives with the on and off switch that makes her perfect in the home. She is very fast and athletic.

Since she has been in our home, it feels like she has been with us for a much longer period of time. It is going to be bittersweet this summer, but she loves to work and she will be ready to hit the training field for competition, once her puppies are off to their new homes. You will find her training with Mark Saccoccio, 5th place at the 2008 FCI World Championships winner of 2008 AWDF Championships, 2008 South Central Regional Championships, and the 2008 North American Championships.


4th Place South Western Regionals - February 2009.
5th Place and High Scoring female with Mark Saccoccio at the Working Dog Championships!!!! - April 2009.


Briska High Scoring Female again!
May 3rd, 2009 Spring Green, WI
Briska receives her second High Scoring Female trophy at the WDA Nationals, placing 8th with Mark Saccoccio. It was only 2 weeks prior that she received her first High Scoring Female trophy at the WDC National event. This makes her the highest scoring female at the national level in 2 schutzhund organizations, the USA and the WDA.


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G Conny vom Linzgau SchH 3, Kkl1 German Shepherd Import

ZW 69, "a" normal hips and elbows

We are excited to now have the fabulous dam of our first litter whelped in Germany, now at Hillview! Conny caught our eye when she first turned turned 2 years old. She has a phenomenal pedigree. Her sire, Javir vom Talka Marda, competed multiple times at the BSP, placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He also competed at the WUSV 3 times and took 3rd place at the 2008 championships in Cincinnati, OH in 2008. Her grandsire on the maternal side is none other than, BSP competitor, Sid vom Haus Pixner. Sid is still a highly sought after stud and fine producer of of top competition dogs around the world.

Conny worked hard in 2011 with our friend Sandro Sechi in Germany to obtain her titles. SchH 2 she had an excellent V score of 288- 97/95/96. She showed her ability to stay consistent in her next trial, which we were fortunate enough to witness what a great team they were during her SchH 3, 96/96/95 288 V score!

She has the wonderful temperament and personality to match her exceptional scores and pedigree that makes her the perfect fit for the Hillview Kennels' family.


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Fera von Hügelblick SchH 1

DOB 12-10-07
OFA Hips: Good #GS-82102G24F-VPI
OFA Elbows: Normal # GS-EL24176F25

Fera has demonstrated exceptional skills from a very young age. Fera is a solid black female that we kept out of our "F" litter from Atze von Schattig Geholz and Kometa Aritar Bastet. She is a large female with good bone, a gorgeous head and dark eyes. She is very powerful and athletic. She is showing great promise in all three phases. Her intensity and desire to track increase daily. Her focus for obedience is intense. She strikes hard and her grips are very strong, full and calm. She is civil, with a good balance of defense and prey drive. She is very clear with good nerves and temperament.


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SG Franzi vom Mörfelder Land German Shepherd Import

SchH 1, Kkl1, hips (a) normal
ED normal, ZW 78

The moment we arrived at the home of Brigitte Sobek, breeder of Mörfelder Land kennel in Germany, and met Franzi, we loved her energy and personality. The deal was sealed after having the opportunity to meet her half brother, Eyko, while we were there. We feel that Franzi has all the qualities in a female to make an excellent breeding female. She possesses the beauty, intelligence, strong nerves, drives, full grips, clear headedness and the gentleness that makes her excellent with children.

Franzi's pedigree is exceptional. Her dam, Buffy vom Mörfelder Land, produced her half brother, Caro vom Mörfelder Land. Caro won the 2006 Bundesseiger prufung and the WUSV at the very young age of 2 years.

Franzi's sire, Uno vom Stadtfeld, is a highly regarded, proven producer in Germany. He is highly sought after for his substance, power, pigment, drives, and very healthy bloodlines. We have waited patiently for Franzi to come to the states since October 2009. While in Germany we met with Javir vom Talka Marda's owner and trainer, Michaela Knoche. After discussing Franzi's bloodlines, Michaela liked the possible mating between Franzi and Javir vom Talka Marda and we arranged for Franzi to wait in Germany until she could be bred to Javir. Michaela informed us that there have only been four litters from Javir whelped in the United States. We are very honored to announce that the breeding that took place in Germany was successful. The puppies are due to arrive around April 1st.


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SG Layla von Hugelblick, SchH3, FH (v score of 98 pts), Kkl 1

SV- "a" normal hips and normal elbows

DOB- 10/02/2009

At the tender young age of only 5 weeks, I knew there was something very special about Layla and it was not because she shares her sire's birthday. At 7 weeks, while her siblings were running wild in the kitchen, she was at the refrigerator wanting cheese and asking to perform her sitzs, platzs and work on focus. I had never witnessed anything like it. At about 3 months all by herself she was working on her flip finishes. She was doing her potty #1's and #2's on command also. Six months rolled around and our team, Roland and Sandro came in from Germany to do a seminar. She was done teething so it was time to start some fun bite work. I put her little harness on and took her out on the field to a puppy circle for the first time. She performed like an adult dog, it was quite amazing what a little natural she was. She was doing little courage tests with a rag. Her barking was excellent and most importantly all of her grips were very full and calm. After she was done, Sandro said "This one must come to Germany to be trained, titled and she must be bred".

At a year old more confirmation came when our SV judge from Germany stayed in our home for a week. As soon as he arrived he asked "Where is the little black female from last year?" He saw her when she was only 7 weeks. After watching her out playing and hanging out with her in the house, he couldn't believe she was only a year old. That night he raved about her character, intelligence and conformation as he fed her table food from the dinner table. He wanted to take Layla home, but she was already spoken for.

November 3rd 2010, my husband and I drove to Atlanta with Layla and boarded a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. That weekend we took my little girl to a beautiful little town north of Frankfurt. There she met her new German family, excellent handler Jürgen Rein, his wife and daughter. Layla has little creek running by her exceptional brand new kennel in the back yard that she shares with multiple Sch3, FH male, Daiko vom Baumgarten. She is settled in now and having a blast. We will keep you posted on her progress. We hope that Layla can accomplish great things before she comes back home. Above you can see some videos of her at 15 months.


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V Leni vom Arolser Holz Sch 1, Kkl1 German Shepherd Import

HD normal, ED fast normal, ZW 75

Leni was brought back from our recent trip to Germany to join the Hillview Kennels' family as our newest breeding female. One can't help but falling in love with her once you are greeted with her intense her dark eyes. She is a very happy, social and confident female with a lush mahogany sable coat. She has a strong head with distinct mask around her eyes. She has substantial bone, strong legs and beautiful tight feet for a female.

She is very athletic with extreme drive and lightning fast reflexes combined with a very clear head. She is so interactive with her play, that she throws balls at you when she wants to play. She interacts really well with children. We can't say enough about Leni. And it gets better; Leni comes from the most exceptional, proven, world champion, Belgian bloodlines in schutzhund history. Not only have her bloodlines produced world competition dogs from around the world, but Leni is a direct descendant of multiple WUSV champions. Two weeks after we purchased Leni, the bloodlines proved themselves once again in Seville Spain at the WUSV. Leni's half brother, Como vom Bonauer Wald won the world championship with a V score of 291 points. Leni's sire is Eros von der Mohnwiese, winner of the 2004 and 2005 WUSV, his sire the very famous producer, Tom van't Leefdaalhof won the 1999 WUSV. Tom's sire, Querry von Haus Antverpa never won, but participated in the WUSV 4 times! Queery's sire Orry von Haus Antverpa won WUSV two times and a FCI world championship. She has multiple BSP competitors on her dam's side, Timmy von der bösen Nachbarschaft, Mink vom Haus Wittfeld, and Gildo vom Körbelbach. Gildo was the producer of many great dogs with the likes of Blacky vom Neuen Lande, WUSV champion and BSP champion, he was the brother to Berry vom Neuen Lande, Leni's great grandsire.

We are fortunate once again for our team in Germany for finding us this spectacular female. We are excited for what the future holds in our breedings with Leni here at Hillview Kennels. She is definitely adding intensity to the family.


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G Planka vom Wällerhorst
Kkl 2, IPO3, LGA

HD a normal, ED normal, ZW 73

Planka comes to us from our Baghira von der Riesling Route's former owner. We can't thank Torsten Mink enough for giving us the opportunity to add her to the Hillview family. Planka was raised in Torsten's home with his family. She was trialed all the way to the LGA, by Torsten. Her IPO3 scores are very impressive, first IPO3 with a V scores in all phases 96/97/97-290. 2nd IPO3, another V score of 97/93/96-286! Planka competed in August of 2012 (#8) LGA with 93/91/85-269. We couldn't ask for a more proven female on the trial field, in the home with a family, and best of all, she has proven that she is a wonderful mother and producer. She whelped a litter of 8 very healthy, substantial, balanced, and solid nerved puppies,last fall. I had the pleasure of seeing them for myself.

Planka has some of the best working bloodlines in her pedigree, especially in her maternal line. Her dam, Mandy vom Wällerhorst's litter had many schutzhund 3 titled dogs, including Mika vom Wällerhorst a BSP competitor. The sire of that litter was none other than 3 X BSP and WUSV competitor Falk von den Wölfen. Planka's maternal line goes back to the famous BSP V1 Gotthilf von der Kine.

Her sire Elliot von Prevent and grandsire Hutch vom dunklen Zwinger , are very well known, proven studs, with over 300 progeny each, in Germany alone. Hutch is the son of the legendary producer Yoschy von der Döllenwiese.

We are very excited about what the future has in store with Planka contributing to Hillview Kennels' breeding program.


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Xena von Hügelblick, IPO3, AD

HD- fast normal, ED normal

Xena is another special female to come out of our breeding program. She is out of the X litter, her sire is our Atze von Schattig Geholz, IPO3, FH2, Kkl 2 and her dam is our Franzi vom Morfelder Land, Sch1, Kkl1. Xena is a phenomenal female that possesses a long list of traits that make for the qualities we are in looking for in a brood female. Her conformation and features, substantial bone and dark eyes. Her balanced drives for working along with full, calm grips. The intelligence, temperament and nerves that make her an all around excellent family dog. And not to mention her excellent bloodlines, not only for the exceptional working line pedigree, but for what it brings to the table as far as the future health of our kennel.

Sandro Sechi took our Xena to Germany at the age of 10 months, there she lived with the Sechi family and trained with Sandro. By the age of 22 months, Xena had earned her Sch3 and AD!!!
Xena is back home at Hillview now.


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SG Aska vom Ketscher Wald

2 x SchH3, Kkl 1
Hips "˜a' normal, ED normal, ZW 77

Aska is a new addition to Hillview Kennels from Germany. She has the bloodlines of Aly vom Vordensteinwald, Urs vom Karlmitblick and Arec vom Bunsenkocher. She was carefully selected to compliment our stud, Atze, in our breeding program.

Aska is a beautiful dark sable with dark eyes. She has strong bone with tight feet. Her nerves are very solid and her temperament is perfect for children. She has extreme drive with a very clear head. She is very energetic, happy, and eager to please. Her prey and defense drives are balanced. Her grips are full and strong. Her tracking is very intense. Aska possesses intensity in all three phases of her work, as well as play. She is a lot of fun and fits in very well here at Hillview Kennels. We look forward to seeing her offspring in the Spring of '09.


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SG Baghira von der Riesling Route

Sch3, Kkl2
Hips-fast normal (a2) ZW-89

Baghira is our third SchH 3 female to come from Germany. She is extremely confident and social. She has excellent solid nerves and a great temperament. You can see pictures of her pregnant with a ball in her mouth, with my son hugging her, 3 days after she arrived. But don't let that fool you, because she is very protective of her puppies and her family. Baghira comes from a background of some very old working lines of famous hard dogs. Baghira's sire is the top placing BSP competitor Aik vom Severusbrunnen. Her lines alsotrace back to Sirk vom Belchen, Aly vom Vordersteinwald. She also has the great Rocky vom Zingelgärten and Ignaz vom Kosankenwald on her dam's side.

Baghira is proving to be an outstanding producer. So far out of Baghira's progeny in Germany there are 1 SchH 2, 3 SchH 1's and 5 BH's. There are several from her "I" litter here in the states in working homes. Ignaz was the first to pass his BH with Pete Kovach on October 3rd, 2010. Ivan Balabanov is training Isis von Hügelblick and expects to do great things with her. Here is their first training video.

Click the button to view the new Ivan and Isis training video.

You can also find part 2 and 3 along with a tracking video Ivan did with her before the summer of 2010.

Baghira is proving to be an outstanding producer. So far out of Baghira's progeny here in the USA and in Germany there are 1 VPG1, 3 SchH 1's, 3 SchH 2's, 1 SchH 3, and 5 BH's and AD. There are several from her "I" litter here in the states in working homes. Ignaz has his SchH 1 and is training with Pete Kovach. Carrie Silva and Isis von Hügelblick just passed the BH, and we expect great things from those two. Ickky has his SchH2 and Ice and Izzy are working towards their BH's.


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Berna von Hügelblick

(AKA-Red) SchH1
normal ED #GS-EL17117M2
OFA Good Hips #GS-77786G25F-Pl

Berna is a solid black female from our "B" litter. This was the first breeding of Mara vom Shadowfeld to Atze von Schattig Geholz. Their pedigrees complimented each other well, Berna is linebred 5-5 on Harro aus der Lechrainstadt. Mara's temperament, willingness to please, and hips was a great match for Atze. Berna's excellent conformation, dark eyes, tight feet, and defined stop come from her sire, Atze von Schattig Geholz.

She has extreme drive in all three phases of her work. She has excellent focus, intensity and confidence on the track. Her happiness and willingness to please shines through in her obedience routine, when she performs her excellent focused heeling and quick recalls. She is extremely fast and athletic. She takes her protection routine very seriously and she is not for the faint of heart. Her striking behavior is extremely strong and powerful as well as her grips. She is very intense and hard, but she is not handler aggressive. She has very strong ball drive as well as hunt drive, with an equal balance to defense drive. She has stable nerves with a wonderful temperament.

Off the field, she is calm in the house and great with children. She is definitely the ideal package.


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Etta von Hügelblick

OFA Good #GS-80679G24F-VPI
ED Normal #GS-EL23182F24-VPI

Etta is a very spirited black female out of the third repeat breeding of Mara vom Shadowfeld and Atze von Schattig Geholz. Etta is the spitting image of her sire, she has excellent conformation. We couldn't resist keeping Etta out of this litter, she is definitely an alpha female that exudes confidence. She was very intense and focused at a very early age. She is extremely intelligent, knows how to open the doors in the house. She is very energetic, extremely fast and agile. She is eager to please and easy to handle, but don't let that fool you. She shares the same enthusiasm, drive and intensity of her sire in the protection work. She has amazing gripping behavior for a young female. She is a pleasure to have in the home, she is very clear headed with the on and off switch. At nine months old she graduated from sleeping in crate to sleeping at the foot of our 4 year old son's bed. She is also wonderful with puppies.


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Kometa Aritar Bastet

SchH1, ZVV1
HD-SV: HD a-normal (a1)

Kometa is a wonderful combination of East meets West. Kometa came from the Czech Republic, and she is an Olex de Valsory daughter. So she has the finest German bloodlines of Olex, Nick, Yosshy and Troll combined the best DDR lines of Pohranicní stráže. Kometa is medium to large with good bone, good pigment, with a strikingly beautiful head and dark eyes. She is very intelligent and wonderful in the home. She is very gentle with children. Kometa is an intense tracker. She has a strong desire to please in all phases especially her obedience. She is extremely serious in her protection work, with a strong bark and full grips. More importantly to Hillview Kennels, she is an awesome mother. Betty Mcvic from our "D" litter just obtained her BH at the Middle Tennessee Working Dog Association. There are several young, up and coming puppies from our "F" litter in Schutzhund clubs across the country


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Mara vom Shadowfeld

SchH A TR1
Normal ED #GS-EL12316F25
OFA Excellent Hips #GS-61146E25F-Pl

Mara came to Hillview Kennels, fully trained as a K9 drug detection dog. Her previous owner thought that Mara would better serve the German Shepherd Dog by being in a loving home, where she could re-produce the great genetics that she possesses. She comes from a long line of strong working dogs. (Verwin v. Blistaerd, Ziggo, Ignaz as well as Racker, Dax, Harro and Fado)

She is a beautiful dark sable, with dark intense eyes and well defined stop. Her temperament is wonderful with a strong willingness to please. She is an extremely high drive dog, with strong focus, speed and agility to go along. She has a strong bark with full grips.

Most importantly she has OFA Excellent hips. According to the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals, "Of 92,736 German Shepherd Dogs evaluated by OFA 3271 (3.5%) were excellent."

She has proven herself to be a strong producer of good to excellent hips, great temperament and strong working offspring. Out of the 24 dogs that Mara has produced, 17(71%) are working dogs. Mara has 8 progeny in the schutzhund sport, 5 in law enforcement agencies, 3 home protection and one is currently keeping our troops safe from bombs.

A" Litter sired by Hano Haus Haris
Allie von Hügelblick - military bomb detection
Doc vom Endfeld - OFA excellent, BH
Snap - drug detection
Dash - Fairview, Tn Drug task force
Tera - Farview, Tn Drug task force

"B" litter sired by Atze
Berna von Hügelblick - SchH 1 OFA good, member of Harpeth River Schutzhund Club
Bruno von Hügelblick - Military k9
Crowe von Hügelblick - BH OFA Good, member of Middle Tennessee Working Dog Association
Bounce von Hügelblick - SchH1 member of MTWDA

"C" litter sired by Atze
Bullet - is a working service dog for a hearing impaired individual in Nashville, TN
Chaz - OFA good - home protection dog

"E" litter sired by Atze
Etta von Hügelblick - SchH1, OFA Good member of Harpeth River Schutzhund Club
Elias von Hügelblick - excellent prelims- BH, CGC member of MTWDA
Emmy von Hügelblick - member of MTWDA
Eric von Hügelblick - good prelims- police dog

Mara is 9 years old now and is enjoying her retirement. She is often romping around in the woods or lounging in the pool.

UPDATE: Hillview Kennels is sad to report that Mara passed in July 2008. She was a longtime beloved member of our family. She whelped many wonderful puppies and we look forward to seeing her spirit continue in her offspring.


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SG Yessy vom Welzbachtal German Shepherd Import

4 x SchH3, Kkl2 hips (a) normal,
ED normal, ZW 72

SG Yessy vom Welzbachtal SchH3, Kkl2 hips (a) normal, ED normal, ZW 72 We are very excited about our new female, Yessy. She is a four time SchH3 female imported from Germany. She is a beautiful sable with dark eyes and substantial bone. Yessy is a hard female, with an unbelievable strong grip. Her nerves are rock solid. Her playful personality makes for an excellent companion with small children. Yessy's sire, Heaven vom Seizlesbrunnen, was a BSP competitor as well as her grandsire, Peron vom Hofgut Schick. Yessy's dam, Mara vom Welzbachtal, was an LGA competitor. Mara came from the Welzbachtzl "M" litter sired by the great producer, Aly vom Vordersteinwald. The M litter produced 4 strong females, all SchH3 titled. Maika competed in the BSP twice. Meckie is the mother of USA National competitor Wagner vom Welzbachtal.

You can see and hear one of Yessy's daughters, Yvi vom Floßerdorf SchH 1, on You tube. She sounds just like her mother with her jaws clacking. Yvi was just recently imported to the States.