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German Shepherd Females

What defines and separates Hillview Kennels’, German Shepherd Dogs, from other breeders are our Ladies. If you are looking for a competitive schutzhund sport dog, service dog, or home protection family member, you have come to the right place. You’re doing your research, looking at pedigrees, titles, progeny and kennels with histories of success. But with all that work, everyone knows that buying a puppy can be risky. Breeding and genetics allow for great variations within litters and between litters. So how do you increase you chance of getting the best puppy with the best potential for your need? You make sure that “both parents” are proven competitors, have great lineage and are matched with pains taking precision for temperament, drives, conformation and ability.

Most good kennels around the country have great studs with all the titles and proven ability, but they breed to schutzhund one females. A schutzhund one title is the minimum requirement for breeding sport dogs in Germany. The best way to improve your odds of getting a great German Shepherd Dog is to breed great Schutzhund three females to great Schutzhund three males, and great females are rare. The reason most kennels do not have schutzhund three females are because it is very difficult to title a female to that level. Less than ten percent of all Schutzhund three titled dogs are female. Her heat cycles delay the process greatly. Therefore we never know how good she really is. You would never think of breeding a Schutzhund one male. For most kennels it is so much easier to get a schutzhund one female and start breeding. Hillview Kennels searches for the best females from Germany, and invests in training and competing with our own females. You see, we’re not breeding for just money, we are breeding to improve and promote the greatest breed of dog every created, the German Shepherd Dog.

So, take a look at our ladies. Look at their pedigrees, check out their accomplishments, their korscheins, and breed surveys, hip ratings and their impressive beauty. And you will know what makes Hillview Kennels unique, what will improve your odds of getting that perfect dog and why you will be proud to have one of our dogs in your home.

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