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SG Layla von Hugelblick, SchH3, FH (v score of 98 pts), Kkl 1

SV- "a" normal hips and normal elbows

DOB- 10/02/2009

At the tender young age of only 5 weeks, I knew there was something very special about Layla and it was not because she shares her sire's birthday. At 7 weeks, while her siblings were running wild in the kitchen, she was at the refrigerator wanting cheese and asking to perform her sitzs, platzs and work on focus. I had never witnessed anything like it. At about 3 months all by herself she was working on her flip finishes. She was doing her potty #1's and #2's on command also. Six months rolled around and our team, Roland and Sandro came in from Germany to do a seminar. She was done teething so it was time to start some fun bite work. I put her little harness on and took her out on the field to a puppy circle for the first time. She performed like an adult dog, it was quite amazing what a little natural she was. She was doing little courage tests with a rag. Her barking was excellent and most importantly all of her grips were very full and calm. After she was done, Sandro said "This one must come to Germany to be trained, titled and she must be bred".

At a year old more confirmation came when our SV judge from Germany stayed in our home for a week. As soon as he arrived he asked "Where is the little black female from last year?"┬Ł He saw her when she was only 7 weeks. After watching her out playing and hanging out with her in the house, he couldn't believe she was only a year old. That night he raved about her character, intelligence and conformation as he fed her table food from the dinner table. He wanted to take Layla home, but she was already spoken for.

November 3rd 2010, my husband and I drove to Atlanta with Layla and boarded a plane to Frankfurt, Germany. That weekend we took my little girl to a beautiful little town north of Frankfurt. There she met her new German family, excellent handler Jürgen Rein, his wife and daughter. Layla has little creek running by her exceptional brand new kennel in the back yard that she shares with multiple Sch3, FH male, Daiko vom Baumgarten. She is settled in now and having a blast. We will keep you posted on her progress. We hope that Layla can accomplish great things before she comes back home. Above you can see some videos of her at 15 months.

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