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SG D'Atze von Hügelblick
9 x IPO3, FH2, FH, Kkl (IN Germany)

SV registered and DNA'd
Hips 'A' normal and Elbows: fast normal
DM Clear and Longcoat free

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D'Atze von Hügelblick was whelped at Hillview Kennels in the USA and is now residing in Germany with his trainer and co-owner, Sandro Sechi. Sandro picked D'Atze up in the States at the age of 11 months and took him home. Since that day, Sandro has had absolutely no regrets with his decision to take him on for training. It was apparent early on that D'Atze is a very talented young male and Sandro was going to take his time training him and let him mature. D'Atze is a highly motivated, intelligent team player and he had different plans. It was actually D'Atze that pushed Sandro every day after work to train. So, by the time D'Atze's 2nd birthday rolled around, he earned his IPO3.

His IPO1 he was High in trial and high in tracking with 99-90-94 at BG Siegen. IPO2 100-96-96 High in Trial SV OG Hügelblick Hirzenhain! And by the time his IPO3 came around, he actually had some points taken away for being too happy! IPO3 100-88-94. That was also a monumental weekend for him; I flew to Germany with our phenomenal LGA female, Planka vom Wällerhorst, just to breed to D'Atze.

With all that said, D'Atze is a solid black, muscular male, with very dark eyes, wide masculine head, substantial bone, tight feet and with a very strong tail. He exudes confidence along with his handsome structure that has everyone he meets in Germany awestruck. He is a happy dog by nature, but also possesses a serious civil side that comes out when necessary. He loves to track, he very methodical and concentrated on the track, it is obvious from his scores. He is energetic and rarely has all four feet on the ground in obedience. He really enjoys working for Sandro. He was recommended for breeding to improve heeling. He is fast and agile for his size. His grips are always full, calm, and hard. His nerves are very solid. He has a super temperament that made it easy for the Sechi family to fall in love with and welcome him into their home every day, with their 5 year old son, Fabio, and Duke, their 9 year old male GSD.

D'Atze is sired by our beloved Atze von Schattig Geholz and Baghira von der Riesling Route. His litter was repeat of one of our favorite litters, the "˜L' von Hügelblick, as a result of that litter, we have his older sister Layla von Hügelblick residing here at Hillview in USA. She also earned her IPO3 by 2 years of age in Germany. Atze has produced many IPO, protection and service dogs. Baghira produced quite a few schutzhund dogs in Germany before we imported her and incorporated her in the Hillview breeding program. She also has many IPO dogs in the USA, including 2013 WUSV competitor, Ickky from her first Hillview breeding.

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