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"B" Litter Vom Hügelblick

Arrived Sept. 22nd. 3 males and 4 females
Whelped in Germany

Yedi von der Schiffslache
SchH 3, Kkl 1, HD-ZW 80
HD / ED normal, DNA gepr. Rücken o.B.

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SG Ouch von Hügelblick
IPO3, FH, Kkl1
Hips "a" normal , Elbows normal ZW 71

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Line breeding

Nick vom Heiligenbösch 4, 4
Yoschy von der Döllenwiese 4, 5, 5, 5
Gesha von Machiavelli 4, 5, 5
Half vom Ruhbachtal 5, 5
Ina vom Haus Gard 5, 5
Troll von der bösen Nachbarschaft 5, 5


Our little girl, Ouch von Hügelblick, born and raised in the USA and titled in Germany, is all grown up. She is about to have her first litter in the motherland, Germany. We couldn't be any more proud or excited. Ouch started impressing us all at such an early age, and now she impressing everyone she meets in Germany with her co-owner and handler Nils Freund. We want to thank Claudia and Peter Langer for breeding their Yedi to our Ouch from across the pond! Yedi is an exceptional male with the whole package for breeding. Pedigree, conformation, points to prove it,

SchH1 A 100 B 94 C 99 = 293
ScHH2 A 98 B 96 C 96 = 290
SchH3 A 94 B 93 C 96 = 283

2013 Qualifying trial, A98 B 96 C 97 = 291 points!

Yedi also has the clear headed temperament, character and courage we seek out in a stud. He proved himself when an intruder came in his house!

Biest vom Hügelblick, running blinds @ 14 weeks

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