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German Shepherd Training

Redefining Intensity is the motto of Hillview Kennels. It speaks not only about our stud dog "Atze"Ā¯, and his superior traits; but to our beliefs about the GSD, training, responsible dog ownership and the way we go about our lives. We believe that the working GSD is special breed of dog and requires special consideration in ownership, breeding and work. We ask all that own, or are considering owning a GSD, to redefine their level of commitment and responsibility. We do the same at Hillview Kennels. We are constantly challenging ourselves in our breeding and our training.

Hillview Kennels is committed to providing the best possible training opportunities, to all that love the GSD. Because it is only through training, yourself and your dog, that you can realize the true potential of the dog and yourself. Through training, you create that special bond with your dog. It is what makes other look on in awe when they see a well trained dog. Training is for both you and your dog. We get a lot of calls from people looking for puppies that have seen a schutzhund trial or been around a well train GSD, and they all want a dog "like that"Ā¯. When we describe the commitment and time it takes to have a dog "like that"Ā¯, we get a lot of silence. Most people want the reward of having the kind of relationship that a trainer and their dog has, but are not willing to work to get it. It is work! Training is both physical and mental. You have to be willing to learn, and you have to be willing to work, long hours and for a long time.

The working GSD needs to work and be worked, they are not lap dogs; they need a sense of purpose. They need an incredible amount of exercise, both physically and mentally. And to be honest, so do most of us humans. So, redefine your level of commitment, do it intensely, do it with passion. If you need education on how to train your dog, join a local schutzhund club, and come and train with us. Visit our website often and bookmark this page to see the world class trainers, putting on seminars and clinics at Hillview Kennels. Bring your dog or come as a spectator to learn. Call or email for training times and location.

German Shepherd Private Training

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