"C" Litter Vom H├╝gelblick

Arrived 7/23/15
4 males and 4 females

Ariano vom Schiffslache-Auwald
HD/ED normal, R├╝cken o. B.

Kora vom Schulland
IPO 3, FH 2
HD/ED normal


We are expecting very strong, intense working puppies out of this litter and active family protection dogs.

We have taken some deposits from BSP and LGA competitors in Germany. Waiting to see how many puppies and the sexes, before we take deposits for importing SV pink papered puppies to Hillview, in Tennessee.

Click the "VIDEO" button to view the new video of the "C" Litter from our Youtube Channel.

"B" Litter Vom H├╝gelblick

Arrived Sept. 22nd. 3 males and 4 females
Whelped in Germany

Yedi von der Schiffslache
SchH 3, Kkl 1, HD-ZW 80
HD / ED normal, DNA gepr. Rücken o.B.

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SG Ouch von Hügelblick
IPO3, FH, Kkl1
Hips "a" normal , Elbows normal ZW 71

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Line breeding

Nick vom Heiligenb├â┬Âsch 4, 4
Yoschy von der D├â┬Âllenwiese 4, 5, 5, 5
Gesha von Machiavelli 4, 5, 5
Half vom Ruhbachtal 5, 5
Ina vom Haus Gard 5, 5
Troll von der b├â┬Âsen Nachbarschaft 5, 5


Our little girl, Ouch von Hügelblick, born and raised in the USA and titled in Germany, is all grown up. She is about to have her first litter in the motherland, Germany. We couldn't be any more proud or excited. Ouch started impressing us all at such an early age, and now she impressing everyone she meets in Germany with her co-owner and handler Nils Freund. We want to thank Claudia and Peter Langer for breeding their Yedi to our Ouch from across the pond! Yedi is an exceptional male with the whole package for breeding. Pedigree, conformation, points to prove it,

SchH1 A 100 B 94 C 99 = 293
ScHH2 A 98 B 96 C 96 = 290
SchH3 A 94 B 93 C 96 = 283

2013 Qualifying trial, A98 B 96 C 97 = 291 points!

Yedi also has the clear headed temperament, character and courage we seek out in a stud. He proved himself when an intruder came in his house!

Biest vom Hügelblick, running blinds @ 14 weeks

"A" Litter Vom Hügelblick

Whelped in Germany 3/17/2011!!
Will arrive in the Nashville, TN. on May 26th.
4 males, 1 sable and 3 black and tan/ 2 females sable
Deposits now being accepted.

Zico von der Adelegg
SV, Kkl. 1 HD-ZW 73, V, SchH 3
HD normal / ED fast normal

Conny vom Linzgau VPG1
HD-ZW 69
HD/ED normal

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Hillview Kennels is very proud to bring this phenomenal "A vom Hügelblick "┬Ł litter to the Sates from Germany.

The sire, V Zico von der Adelegg SchH3, ZW 73, at the age of 3 was Vice Seiger at the 2010 BSP and placed 13th at the 2010 WUSV. Zico comes from one of Germany's strongest producers, Vito vom Waldwinkle. Zico's dam Desch von der Adelegg , SchH3, BSP, comes from a long line of BSP and WUSV competitors. She is the daughter of Ernst vom Weinbergblick, 3 time BSP competitor, Seiger 2000 and 2 time WUSV competitor. Ernst is the son of Lewis Malatesta, 4 x BSP and WUSV.

Conny vom Linzgau has an unbelievable ZW rating of 69!! Not only that, she scored a 100 points in protection on her VPG 1. Conny is the daughter of the very famous Javir vom Talka Marda, BSP 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. 3 X WUSV, 3rd in 2008. Her grandsire on the maternal side, BSP competitor Sid vom Haus Pixner, is still a highly sought after stud, producing very strong working dogs and competitors to this day.

The projected ZW rating for this litter is 71!! All puppies will arrive with microchips and pink SV papers from Germany.

Most importantly we will begin evaluating the puppies from birth through very strong communication with our friends in Germany, via email, phone, skype and videos before their arrival. Upon arrival they will be thoroughly evaluated at Hillview Kennels before being placed in homes.