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Cidman vom Wolfsdreieck, IPO3, Kkl

2 x BSP, 2 x FCI Bundes and VDH-DM competitor

1st place SV LGA 2014
3rd place FCI LGA
HD 'a' normal/ ED normal- ZW 71

Once again Hillview has been honored to have acquired an unbelievable new addition to the Hillview Kennels' breeding program and to our family. Cidman is the epitome of what the working German Shepherd Dog should be. Powerful, confident, courageous, very good conformation, with a strong desire to please. He has incredible drive, but once in the house he has the ability to turn off the on switch. He has the temperament of a gentle giant when it comes to children, the elderly, and young puppies. It seems as if Cidman has been here all of his life.

Cidman and his previous owner and handler, Jens Fischbach, accomplished what most people could only dream of. In 2014, Cidman was first place in his LGA. 3rd place in 2015 LGA. They went on to compete in 5 national events in 2 years. Cidman competed in the 2014 and 2015 BSP. Placing 13th with a total of 281 points at the 2015 BSP, with 98 points in the protection phase, he was one of 4 out of 119 dogs that achieved the highest protection score of the event. Cidman competed in 2014 FCI Bundes where he placed 5th and 20th in the 2015 FCI Bundes. He also competed in the all breed German Nationals, the VDH-DM in 2014.

Cidman comes from very impressive bloodline consisting of solid producing competition dogs. Cidman's full sister, Chary vom Wolfsdreieck placed 10th at the 2013 and 2014 BSP, 2nd place in her LGA 2 times also! Cidman competed with his half brother, Gomez vom Farnersberg, Gomez placed 19th with 279 points at the 2015 BSP. They both have the same sire, BSP competitor Grisu von MaKeRa. Just like Cidman, Grisu competed 2 x BSP, 2 x FCI Bundes and VDH-DM. Grisu is the son of the German kennel, von MaKeRa's female from their first litter. Aja von MaKeRa competed at the LGA, as well as her dam, Wendy von der Döllenwiese. Aja's sire is non other than Helmut König's BSP Champion, Gotthilf von der Kine.

Cidman is available for stud to approved females. Chilled and frozen semen will be available for shipment also.

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V Neo vom Grenzlager, IPO 3, Kkl

HD Normal/ED fast normal, ZW 75
USA TEAM for the 2015 and 2016 WUSV
2014 USCA Mideastern Regional Champion
3rd place 2014 USCA GSD Nationals

Neo has had 16 successful breedings, 14 in Germany, to prestigious kennels like Schifflache, Haus TTH and Grenzlager. We can't thank Jim Alloway enough for this rare opportunity to co-own Neo. He is a stellar match for many of our Hügelblick females, as we always strive to improve our breeding program. We are honored that Dirk Edler allowed us the opportunity to add Neo to our breeding program. Neo will surely be an asset as a stud for working line breeding kennels in the US. He has a V rated conformation with no long coat factor.

Neo’s has an impeccable bloodline. His sire is Leon von der Staatsmacht, son of the late great Asko von der Lutter, World Champion at the 2000 WUSV, 2nd place 1999 WUSV, 1st place 1998 BSP. His mother line is strong, grandmother Ebby von den Sennequellen, was a 2 time LGA competitor going back to Nick vom Heiligenbösch.

Neo is an all-around great dog. He is a very open and social male with an air of confidence. He is personable and kind, yet has explosive drive, power, and speed. He is dog and kid friendly with perfect nerves, but aggressively defends “his” space. He has pronounced pack drive and is always ready to work.

He is clearly a strong dog for all 3 three phases in IPO. His tracking is calm, methodical, intense, detail-oriented and problem solving. His obedience is fast, focused, and his ball and food drive is pronounced. Protection he is a strong barker, dominant, possessive, fast and explosive with hard, full, calm grips.

Neo will be residing and competing with Jim Allloway, in Columbus Ohio. He is available to approved IPO1, hip and elbow certified GSD females. Frozen and chilled semen also available.


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SG D'Atze von Hügelblick
9 x IPO3, FH2, FH, Kkl (IN Germany)

SV registered and DNA'd
Hips 'A' normal and Elbows: fast normal
DM Clear and Longcoat free

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D'Atze von Hügelblick was whelped at Hillview Kennels in the USA and is now residing in Germany with his trainer and co-owner, Sandro Sechi. Sandro picked D'Atze up in the States at the age of 11 months and took him home. Since that day, Sandro has had absolutely no regrets with his decision to take him on for training. It was apparent early on that D'Atze is a very talented young male and Sandro was going to take his time training him and let him mature. D'Atze is a highly motivated, intelligent team player and he had different plans. It was actually D'Atze that pushed Sandro every day after work to train. So, by the time D'Atze's 2nd birthday rolled around, he earned his IPO3.

His IPO1 he was High in trial and high in tracking with 99-90-94 at BG Siegen. IPO2 100-96-96 High in Trial SV OG Hügelblick Hirzenhain! And by the time his IPO3 came around, he actually had some points taken away for being too happy! IPO3 100-88-94. That was also a monumental weekend for him; I flew to Germany with our phenomenal LGA female, Planka vom Wällerhorst, just to breed to D'Atze.

With all that said, D'Atze is a solid black, muscular male, with very dark eyes, wide masculine head, substantial bone, tight feet and with a very strong tail. He exudes confidence along with his handsome structure that has everyone he meets in Germany awestruck. He is a happy dog by nature, but also possesses a serious civil side that comes out when necessary. He loves to track, he very methodical and concentrated on the track, it is obvious from his scores. He is energetic and rarely has all four feet on the ground in obedience. He really enjoys working for Sandro. He was recommended for breeding to improve heeling. He is fast and agile for his size. His grips are always full, calm, and hard. His nerves are very solid. He has a super temperament that made it easy for the Sechi family to fall in love with and welcome him into their home every day, with their 5 year old son, Fabio, and Duke, their 9 year old male GSD.

D'Atze is sired by our beloved Atze von Schattig Geholz and Baghira von der Riesling Route. His litter was repeat of one of our favorite litters, the "˜L' von Hügelblick, as a result of that litter, we have his older sister Layla von Hügelblick residing here at Hillview in USA. She also earned her IPO3 by 2 years of age in Germany. Atze has produced many IPO, protection and service dogs. Baghira produced quite a few schutzhund dogs in Germany before we imported her and incorporated her in the Hillview breeding program. She also has many IPO dogs in the USA, including 2013 WUSV competitor, Ickky from her first Hillview breeding.


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G Atzé von Schattig Geholz Kkl2

2002 - 2013
Frozen semen is available for shipment.
SchH3, IPO3, FH2 (96 pts)
Normal ED GS-EL17107M25-Pl
OFA Good Hips #GS-70514G25M-Pl

The German Shepherd Dog is the third most popular breed in America. With that kind of popularity, there comes opportunity and risk. When trying to find a new companion, be it a show dog, sport dog, service dog or working bomb, police or drug dog, be careful and do your research. There are many breeders and kennels that do a great job of marketing, but do not have the quality genetics in their breeding program to produce dogs with the health, temperament, intelligence and the drives to get the job done.

Atze von Schattig Geholz is a special and unique dog. With the genetics of many of the greatest German Shepherd Dogs who have ever lived coursing through his veins, he has and consistently produces offspring with those same traits. Within that pedigree, Atze has some of the toughest dogs in the world, Enno vom Antrefftal, Uwe vom Kirschental and Drigon vom Furhrmannshoff in his background. Other notable dogs in Atze's pedigree are; Troll, Fero, Dax, Gildo, Eddy, Afra, Askia, Bandit, Wicko, Racker. Going back over 30 years, many of these dogs have V rated (excellent) at the German Bundessieger Prufung countless times.

Atze is an impressive package, with the titles and the offspring to validate his contribution to the breed. Exceptionally intelligent and explosively powerful, he is the definition of intensity. Atze is as comfortable on the trial field as he is in the house or in the whelping box. Atze has competed at the National level, has obtained his Sch3, IPO3, FH and the rare FH2 tracking degree under the most difficult conditions. Atze is the ideal companion, guardian and competitor. Click on the photo album of Atze to see just what we are talking about. You can see our young son grow up with Atze, from baby pictures to shots of Atze on the field competing, Atze with his puppies and Atze just having fun being a member of the family. Atze has incredible personality and it shows!

More importantly, Atze reproduces those same great traits in his progeny. Atze's sons and daughters are currently serving our country working as Police, drug and bomb detection dogs. They are actively competing in the sport of Schutzhund as well as being companions and family dogs. To consistently produce litters of high quality dogs that have the ability to do all the above is rare. Atze has the intelligence, temperament and drives and additionally brings a level of intensity to his work that adds to his uniqueness, and so do his offspring.

So, if you are looking for a great puppy, or if you are looking to improve or add to the genetics of your kennel and breeding program, give us a call. We love to talk about Atze and his progeny.


"¢ SchH1 1st place (V protection) MTWDA (2005)
"¢ SchH2 High SchH2 Twin Beech Schutzhund Club (2005)
"¢ FH1 91 points at MTWDA (2005)
"¢ AD at MTWDA (2006)
"¢ IPO 3 at the 2006 AWDF IPO Championships (FCI World Qualifier)
"¢ 2006 German Shepherd National Championship (WUSV Qualifier)
"¢ 10th Place at 2007 GSDCA-WDA National Schutzhund Championships (World Qualifier)
"¢ FH2 96 Points!! MTWDA (2008)
"¢ Atze received his KKl 2 at the O.G. Buckeye Conformation Show and Breed Survey

Use As Stud Dog

Frozen semen is available for shipment. Atze is obviously a very special dog and he will only be bred to other special females. For consideration for breeding, the female must have a SchH1 title and certified OFA's of good or excellent for hips, normal elbows, or "a" stamped hips and elbows.


5 Atze progeny receive 7 titles at MTWDA club trial
May 3rd, 2009 - College Grove, TN
What a day it was for Hillview Kennels (von Hugelblick). Three of our very own Atze offspring received titles.
"¢ Berna von Hugelblick received SchH and High SchH 1 in trial with her co-owner Margaret Trudrung.
"¢ Etta von Hugelblick received her BH and SchH1 with her co-owner Margaret Trudrung.
"¢ Fera von Hugelblick received her BH with Kimberly Brown.
"¢ Bounce von Hugelblick received her BH and SchH1 with Jennie Jones.
"¢ Elias von Hugelblick also received his BH title with his owner Marianne Whitaker.


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SG Pongo von Hügelblick 5 x IPO 3,
FH (100 points) Kkl 1
2011 USCA National Championships,
SG score of 274. 95-94-85

Sch 3 with a V score of 98-93-96=287Sch 2 with a score of 95-87-94=276Sch 1 ( V score of 287 points)

Hips: OFA Good
Elbows: OFA Normal

Pongo is definitely Hillview Kennels pride and joy. He has been turning heads from a very young age. He has a large head, big chest and substantial bone Although we don't believe in pushing our young dogs, we do a lot of manners and word association, Pongo would do simple obedience and bark on command, at four months of age, for our 4 year old son. He is incredibly clear, intuitive and intelligent. He exudes confidence, he makes his presence known, yet, he has the goofy personality of his sire, Atze, which we love so much. He is intense in all three phases of work. He has natural aggression with balanced prey and defense drives. He definitely possesses the on and off switch. He has very full, strong, calm grips. He is explosive, powerful and intense. Not only does he possess such great qualities for a young dog, but he has an awesome pedigree. Atze von Schattig Geholz being his sire with the some of the hardest dogs in his bloodlines from Belgium and Germany like, Quattro von Haus Antverpa, Wicko Meran and Bandit van Gogh. Ivan and Pongo Video

Pongo's dam Chana von der Wilden Nachbarschaft competed at the USA Nationals in 2007. His grand dam, Mara vom Stelzhamerdorf was a top V rated competitor at the BSP, her sire is Olex de Valsory, Pongo also has Yoshy and Dax Baumberg in his pedigree.

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