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Hoss aus der Zigeunerkuhle German Shepherd Import

5th 2008 WUSV,
(a1) ED-normal : HD a-normal (ZW 78)

Hillview Kennels is proud to announce the arrival of SG Hoss aus der Zigeunerkuhle V BSP, SchH3, VP3, IPO3, FH, Kkl1, with a ZW of 78, to their home and breeding program. Hoss, a son of Asko von der Lutter brings not only an outstanding pedigree but also a world class record of performance.

Since 2006, Hoss competed three times in his Landesgruppe 1, placing first in 2006. He competed at the SV Bundessiegerpr√ɬľfung three times achieving vice sieger in 2008. Hoss competed in the WUSV in 2008 placing 5th. Hoss brings the temperament, drives and intensity that are a perfect complement to the objectives of our breeding program.

Having studs like Atze and Hoss, enable us to have the flexibility to match the right male and female to continue producing the kind of dogs that the market demands. Our objective is to produce intense, strong, well balance working dogs that stay true to the original German Shepherd Dog standards and ability. We would like to thank Udo König for his dedication, love and training of Hoss.


"¬Ę 2006 Landesseiger 1st place
"¬Ę 2006 Bundesseigerprüfung High Obedience
"¬Ę 2007 FH
"¬Ę 2008 FCI Landesseiger 3rd place
"¬Ę 2008 FCI Bundesseigerprüfung 8th place
"¬Ę 2008 Bundessseigerprüfung 2nd place
"¬Ę 2008 WUSV 5th place
"¬Ę 2009 FCI Landesseiger 1st place
"¬Ę 2009 Bundesseigerprüfung-G

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