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The Hillview Kennels Team

Roland Seibel

President of Team Hillview Germany

Hillview Kennels is very honored to have Roland Seibel as part of our team. He is a fantastic handler, judge, coach, teacher, breeder and mentor! Roland has been training dogs for 39 years. He trained around 35 dogs from different breeds and showed them in over 120 trials, also on ZTP's, K├â┬Ârungen and shows. For 10 years Roland was the training director of his DVG club in Hirzenhain. 4 years trainings director of the ADRK regional landesgroup in Hessen. 6 years on the board of the ADRK trainings group. 6 years team captain for the ADRK team at the FCI world championship qualification trial. Roland is also the breeder of the Rottweiler kennel vom Scheldetal and German Shepherd kennel vom Baumgarten.

He trialed his Rottweilers Pascha vom Hegestrauch and Asko vom Wildfang 6 times on the Deutsche Meisterschaft ADRK. 2x second place, 2x fourth place. 2x winner regional champion, 4 times on the Deutsche Meisterschaft VDH. 3x team member with the german team on the FCI world championship. Roland and Asko won the Deutsche Meisterschaft ADRK and they also won the IFR World Championship. (single and with the team).

With his German Shepherd, Janoch von der Grube Waldecke, they competed 4x on the Bundessiegerprüfung SV, 1x Deutsche Meisterschaft VDH, 1x on the FCI and also 1x on the WUSV worldchampionship. Janoch did win the regional championship, FCI regional championship and also the Bundessieger FCI.

He has also been a working judge since 1992. Since then he has judged many club trials and regional championships around the world in Germany, USA, China, Russia. He has also judged these Championships:
- 2x Deutsche Meisterschaft ADRK in IPO.
- 2x Deutsche Meisterschaft ADRK in FH.
- 2x IFR world championship.
- 1x AWDF, championships in Brazil, Spain, Italy, and 2x the USRC.
- 1x International championship of the RSV 2000.
- 3x the Internationale Gro├â┼Şe Preis von Rottweil.
You can also find Roland sharing his knowledge in seminars all over the world.

Even though Roland lives in Germany, it doesn't seem like there is an ocean between us. He is always in touch via phone or email, always asking about our team. We trust and value Roland's opinion and seek his advice when we are selecting the best working German Shepherds Dogs in Germany. Hillview Kennels believes in providing the best world class trainers for our seminars, Roland Seibel seminars should not be missed.

Sandro Sechi

Coach of Team Hillview Germany, Secretary

Sandro resides in Germany with his wife, Julia, who happens to be Roland Seibel's daughter, and his son Fabio. He has been in the dog sport since 1997. He trialed his first dog, a white German Shepherd, Crack of Moonlight, 20 times at SchH3. He showed him at the Regionals twice before retiring him. Sandro then trialed Duke vom Baumgarten SchH3, FH1 many times.

He started doing helper work in 1997 at a Rottweiler club. He met Milan Skoric in 2000 and started perfecting his skills while training with him. Sandro also trains with Roland Seibel and Fritz Biehler. Sandro is world renowned for his retrieve training and is widely sought after for his protection training.

Sandro has been catching dogs in protection at seminars from Hillview Kennels, starting from our B litter back in 2008. He has trained with many Hügelblick over the years. Sandro started training his first Hillview dog, Conny vom Linzgau, from an Sch 1 to a Sch3, Kkl1 with V scores.
Sch 2 97/95/96=288
Sch 3 96/96/95 =288

Sandro has a knack for training young dogs. His style of training conforms to individual dog, it is not "my way or the highway"┬Ł style. It really shows in Team Hillview Germany, which Sandro is the coach of. They all start with puppies and young dogs. Sandro took our Xena von Hügelblick to Germany, from Hillview, at 11 months of age. He returned Xena to us at 22 months with a Sch3, AD! That is very impressive for both trainer and young female.

Sandro has now embarked on his new adventure with D'Atze von Hügelblick. D'Atze is a half sibling to Xena. Same thing, Sandro picked D'Atze up at 11 months, took him to IPO3, Kkl by D'Atze's 2nd birthday weekend. D'Atze is proving that he has what it takes to go to the next level, competing. He lives to work. His scores: IPO1 99-90-94/283, High in Trial and High in Tracking. IPO2, 100-96-96/292 High in Trial at SV OG Hügelblick Hirzenhain.
IPO3 100-88-94/282

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