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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved German Shepherds, and for as long as I have wanted one, I had always wanted an all-black GSD puppy from Hillview Kennels.

I used to sit on Instagram and marvel over Mrs. Carrie’s puppies and how each one had this distinct look. They’re always so beautiful. I had sworn to myself that if we were to ever get a German Shepherd, that we would buy from Hillview.

As it would turn out, my first German Shepherd, Luna, came from a friend who just so happened to have an uncle who was breeding GSD’s. However, I never forgot about Hillview.

Three years later, about two weeks before our wedding, my husband mentioned seeing a pup on Hillview’s Instagram that looked like the exact pup that we were eventually wanting from Carrie. I went to look, and there he was. A perfect, all-black male who had just been forfeited by his prospective owner.

I called my husband at work and without hesitation, he told me to call Hillview. Carrie answered, and from there, we owned a Hillview pup. As easy as it was to initially get him, once we brought him home, it most definitely got hard.

We drove up to Nashville to pick up Zeus that very next weekend, and Mrs. Carrie was so helpful in getting us prepared to take home this working dog. My husband and I had never owned a working dog before, so we were very new on how this particular pup was going to adapt to us, and us adapt to him.

When we got home with Zeus, his demeanor most definitely radiated dominance, as expected. However, no matter how much of a hard time Zeus gave us, Mrs. Carrie was only a phone call away. She never hesitated to be real with us about what was going on, what we needed to do to fix it, etc. She was a God-send.

Perhaps the most important thing Mrs. Carrie did for us was suggest Applied Canine Concepts for training with Zeus, as it has changed our Hillview pup from one that we had no control over, to one of the most well-behaved dogs I’ve ever owned.

Zeus now goes everywhere with us. He is beyond sweet and exudes the type of love that I had wanted from a pup in the beginning. He is amazing, and we couldn’t have chosen a better pup than Zeus. That’s all thanks to Carrie.

-McKenzie and Austyn Todd… and Zeus!

Quest von Hügelblick (Q4 litter)

I am so glad that I gave the decision of finding the right working-line GSD over to Carrie and her team at Hillview. When we picked up our 9 week old puppy, his careful breeding was readily apparent. He was the most “balanced” GSD puppy that I have seen. His confirmation was wonderful! My husband, a veterinarian of 40+ years, couldn’t stop talking about how beautiful and “balanced” he was. More than beautiful, his personality was much more than I could have expected. He bonded immediately and was easily held and manhandled. It was clear that more than choosing the right bloodlines for me, Carrie and her team had chosen the right puppy and had handled him extensively. He has been a dream to train. He's bold and “drivey” but with an underlying sweet nature that just melts me!

Jeri Kennedy - Los Angeles, CA

Inka von Hügelblick (I4 litter)

I’ve had such a great experience from the first phone call with Carrie! She is wonderful, very helpful and knowledgeable! Carrie spoke with me a few different times over the phone and was able to pick the perfect puppy that fit right in with our family. I would highly recommend Hillview Kennels.

Inka is exactly what Carrie told me she would be and possibly even better! I can tell Inka is going to be great, at only 13 weeks old Inka is quick to learn, has great focus during training, and I love her confidence! I cannot express my gratitude and excitement enough!

Thank you so much Carrie, you’re amazing!

Samantha - Arizona

Impact von Hügelblick (I3 litter)

I wanted to share my experience owning a Hugelblick dog. I had some success with a female in IPO, and she was nearing retirement. I was looking for a new puppy to start in the sport that I hoped would have enough talent to pick up where my girl left off.

I knew this would be my last puppy. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and family. There is no trading up here, so I wanted to stack the odds in my favor to get the perfect dog.

Enter Carrie Fohl. I spoke with her about a litter she was expecting. I told her about myself, my goals for a puppy and my training style. She picked out Impact von Hugelblick for me. This is a match made in heaven! He is absolutely everything I could have wished for in a sport dog. But more than that........he is the best companion as well.

Pac (Impact) goes from 0 to 60 in the blink of an eye on the field. But more importantly, he is one of the most chilled house dogs I've ever had. He graduated from his crate by 8 months old. When nothing is going on, he just wants to be near me to keep me company. He loves swimming in the pool. He recently was the guest of honor at a raw feeding seminar. He was the best ambassador for the breed! I was thrilled to get his SV ratings for hips and elbows. Normal /Normal! I can never thank Carrie enough for sending the perfect dog for me!

- Cindy Simmons

Y'all watch out von Hügelblick (Y2 litter)

I went looking for a high caliber GSD from strong working dog lines. I found him and so much more with HillView. My puppy came healthy, health guaranteed, socially confidant and smarter than any dog I had ever meant. 3 years later he is a dream of a working dog, utilizing his scent and public access training in his field of Search & Rescue. I love being apart of the HillView family, and that's just what it is...a family!

Kelley Champ

Icon von Hügelblick (I3 litter)

Hi Carrie,

What a wonderful boy Icon is! It is so evident that he comes from great lines-stable, solid drives, intelligent and healthy. I can't tell you how much I appreciate every day having a boy that is everything I want.

We are working on AKC obedience and Schutzhund, and he is excelling at both. Usually we train at least 4 days a week. He is so smart and so biddable. And he loves to work!

Icon and his sister Ivy still play together a couple of times a week. Kath and I are having so much fun watching them grow up together. I can't believe he will be a year old in 6 days. The time has just flown by.

Again I want to say THANK YOU! A breeder like you makes a GSD both a pleasure and a treasure. I don't know how you do it, and I am certain it is a lot of hard work, but you definitely have a superior breeding program! I hope you are in business for at least several years to come because my next pup will also be a Hugelblick- there is no other pup for me!

Sharon Jordan

Icon von Hügelblick (I3 litter)

My husband and I already have two 7 year old GSDs, one male and one female, and I wanted to add another GSD to our family. My friend (and instructor) was also looking for a pup. I had no idea how lucky I was when she found Carrie Fohl at Hillview Kennels and passed the info to me!

We had several email communications with Carrie, and then I had a wonderful conversation with her describing what I was looking for in a puppy. I was amazed at how much time she was willing to take to get to know you. On top of that, she is very personable, and refreshingly honest. And in speaking with her you realize she truly cares!

An I3 litter was upcoming from Ouch x Bolle (what a superb breeding!) and I mailed a deposit for a puppy. The pups were born and again I got lucky - there was a male available for me - and there was also a female available for my instructor!

So we drove together to Hillview in Nashville on June 11 to get our puppies. I was impressed by Carrie’s beautiful home and surroundings, and even more impressed by her kennels. They are the best I have ever seen, indoor/outdoor, spacious, clean and directly attached to her home. She opened a kennel door and 6 gorgeous puppies came running out. These awesome pups were everything I had hoped they would be. One look at my puppy and I was a goner!

Icon is everything I could have wanted – great prey drive, great play drive, super focus and a cuddler. Great nerves, too – I had him outside July 4th and he didn’t bat an eye at the noise from all the fireworks. At 15 weeks he is already sitting (beautiful, straight sits), downing, coming when called, and he is a great retriever! And he loves the rag –barks for it, grabs with a nice full bite and will not let go. He has such a great temperament – already he is playing and getting along with our big dogs. I can hardly believe he is mine – this is the boy I have dreamed about!

I highly recommend Hillview Kennels. Carrie is an outstanding breeder who puts everything into her program. Just speaking with her you realize how compassionate she is about this wonderful breed. She listens to what you are looking for, then matches the pup to you.

THANK YOU SO MUCH, CARRIE! I could not be happier with my perfect boy, and I will definitely get another pup from Hillview Kennels when the time comes.

Sharon Jordan
Cincinnati, Ohio

Insane Thunder von Hügelblick

Carrie Fohl, You Really Are The Very Best!!!!! How do we begin to say Thank You, Again!!!!

I don't know exactly how to express our sincere gratitude to Carrie Fohl, we are truly blessed to be able to bring home another world class, amazing puppy from the Famous Hillview Kennels!!!

A lot has to be said about you, when you have repeat customers. I know I'm completely happy with our first puppy from you, SG Reign von Hügelblick, you picked out the perfect puppy for me. And after that, I knew we would be back for another!

It all started this past January, my husband wanted a puppy. One night, I decided to just call Carrie, my husband had no idea I was on the phone with her, I sat down next to him and said to Carrie that James wanted a puppy. That's all he kept telling me, so, I figured if he wanted a puppy, It has to be a Hügelblick!!!

I had noticed earlier that Layla and Neo had a pregnancy confirmation on Hillview Kennels Facebook Page. I told James I had Carrie on the phone and that I'm going to put a deposit down on a nice male puppy for him, he just stood in shock. After being so pleased with our first puppy from Carrie, (Reign out of Planka x Olek), we couldn't go wrong with getting a second one. So that night, I gave Carrie a deposit, and let her know what James was looking for. Carrie has such an awesome ability of picking out the perfect puppy for whatever your wants and needs are.

We had our eyes on that litter after that night. When the time came, and all the puppies were born, only one gorgeous male puppy was in the litter, the rest were all beautiful females.

James told Carrie he'll wait for that perfect little guy, I could tell he was a bit bummed. Carrie came right back with "Hillview Has an Announcement to make in two weeks". Now that got him going!!!

Two weeks later, Carrie sent us a message, we we're completely blown away with the Announcement, "Ouch Von Hügelblick x Bolle Ja Na Ka Confirmed Pregnancy"!!! James just about fell out of his chair!!!! What a super nice surprise!!!!

"How does she do it", said my husband!!! He could not believe it, he couldn't wait!! Once the puppies were born, we knew our puppy had arrived, we couldn't believe it!!! Every day, he'd say "I wonder what my puppy's like".

We went up to Tennessee to pick up James new puppy. I wanted to meet Carrie too, let me say, she is such a great lady!!! She took us on a tour around her property, we also met her father, what a nice man!!! I got to meet all the puppies, including Ouch & Planka <- Reign’s Dam. What an absolutely beautiful home, situated on top of a Hill overlooking Nashville!!! Carrie even had me sign her Guest Book!!! She makes you feel right at home! Most of all, you can tell these dog's are her life's work, I've done my homework, she has nothing but the best quality to offer the world!!! I always thought that if you wanted a super dog, you have to go to Germany, well, Carrie brings Germany's greatest dog's home with her!!! Not to mention, Germany loves her dogs also, they buy puppies from her too!!!

Let me say, the puppy that Carrie picked out for James is truly awesome!!!! I don't know how she does it, this little guy is something else!! James named him: Insane Thunder von Hügelblick- He is everything James wanted and more!!! Carrie, you really did such a super job with this little guy!!!

Carries dad brought the puppy out to the courtyard and once he put him on the ground, that little guy shot straight over to James. So friendly and lively, it's like this perfect little puppy had James name etched inside of his heart, like he knew that was his Daddy!!! We love him, he's solid and fearless, his nerves are awesome, and he's got fire inside!!! This little guy is absolutely awesome and he's simply adorable!!!

We really feel that in dealing with Carrie, we've already given ourselves a much better chance at accomplishing our IPO goals, because we chose a solid starting point, it all starts with awesome breedings, and Carrie's ability to pick out that puppy!!! She definitely has what it takes!!! Also too, I want to mention, when competitors and judges and famous trainers are telling you that Carrie Fohl at Hillview Kennels is the best breeder for German Shepherds, you know you need to listen up!!!

We can't believe we're so fortunate to be able to own a puppy of this caliber!!! James is just in awe over this guy!!! He's a little character too, he loves to be held, and when you put him down he'll tear after his ball, we can play ball for ever with him, he never seems to get tired of it. What I really love about him, is when you talk to him, he looks you right in the eyes, he does his little head turns and he never takes his eyes off of you, he is Amazing!!! We Love Him!!!

So Thank You Carrie Fohl @ Hillview Kennels!!!
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

We Love You!!!!
James & Dottie DeBusk
Thunder, Reign, Gandhi & Meesha

P.S. You are the #1 GSD Breeder in the USA!!!

Bella von Hügelblick (V2)

Hi Carrie, I am sure you are shocked that you have not heard from me in almost 3 months! Bella is doing great and coming along well in obedience training. We started off leash training about two weeks ago and this Saturday she healed all the way around the school we go to off leash.

Just wanted to share what she has meant to us and me personally. Almost 6 years ago we had to close our business because of the economic crash. We were pretty devastated to have our life's work abruptly come to an end. I suffered from a form of ptsd and was pretty depressed for quite a long time. During this time we lost our German Shepherd Kaley. She was 12 years old and that was awful too. About two years after that we were watching the program too cute. They had a segment on German Shepherd pups showing them from 4 weeks old to one year old. We decided to start looking for a new German Shepherd pup. Through our previous breeder who was retired we found you.

On March 6th of 2014 we got Bella. She brought life to our home again. She was a hand full as you had told us she was very dominant. It was difficult at first for me because she was so full of energy and I was used to sitting around not doing much. From the first day Bella and I started walking every day. With Gods grace She got me going again. She is so sweet and so smart. Almost a bit too smart at times! Since we got her she drives around in my truck with me for work and goes into stores also. As I have told you in the past I receive constant compliment's about how beautiful she is and friendly. I have never had a connection with any of my previous pets like I do with my Bella. Just wanted to share this with you and thank you again for producing such a great companion.

Steve Schaeffer

Quincy (Q2) and Willa (W2) von Hügelblick

My husband and I were devastated after the far-too-soon death of our dear Dax almost 2 years ago. We were heartbroken and inconsolable with a huge GSD-shaped hole in our hearts. Enter Carrie and Hillview Kennels into our lives...

Living in California, we knew we would not be able to make the trip to the kennel to see the dogs and puppies ourselves. It's a little bit unnerving, but we put all our trust in this woman we've never laid eyes on. We told Carrie what we wanted - a family dog we could work with and train - said a prayer and then put our trust in her ability to get the perfect puppy to us. Just from a few conversations, she picked up on the nuances of our personalities and used her keen observation and insight to match us to one of her puppies. She kept us engaged and informed about our puppy's progress and development and when we finally had laid eyes on our little one, we knew it was perfect.

Quincy became a part of our family over a year and a half ago. We were so delighted with him, 7 months later we went back for seconds.

Quincy and Willa couldn't be more different. But what they both have are the solid foundation you can expect from a Hillview GSD. They are strikingly beautiful and we receive compliments from complete strangers every day. They are both remarkably strong, athletic, intelligent, eager to work and willing to please. We are honoring their strong working lineage by training them in Schutzhund, although pretty much their only disadvantage is the fact they are owned by newbies to the sport. They're very patient with us when we don't pick things up as quickly as they do 🙂

It is a wonderful thing when a person finds their calling in life and I have no doubt that Carrie is doing exactly what she was meant to do. She has a remarkable gift, and German Shepherd dogs and the people who love them are blessed that she has chosen to spend her time and energy in breeding high quality working German Shepherds. She is not only makes happy families by putting people together with dogs, but through her breeding program is also ensuring the legacy of quality working German Shepherds.

In addition to having two wonderful dogs, we are gifted with the knowledge that Carrie and Hillview will always be a part of us, and we will always be a part of them. She always refers to her "Hillview family" and that's exactly what it is - we're part of a family. I stay in touch with her and other von Hugelblicks across the globe through social media, and Carrie has always made herself available for me if I ever have a question, or just want to share a cute picture.

I cannot thank Hillview enough for the wonderful companions and family members we have in Quincy and Willa. One day (when we get a bigger house) I'll be calling Carrie to make it a family of 5...

We love Carrie and Hillview Kennels!!!
Jeff, Hannah, Quincy and Willa

Y'Lottie von Hügelblick (Y2 litter)

In my research I was looking for the true German Shepherd Dog (my mother was German) and I wanted one that was mostly black, after weeks of constant looking I came across Hillview Kennels, reading testimonials and Facebook post, my gut instinct told me I would be making the right decision to purchase a puppy from Carrie. I could not be more pleased, I have had a German Shepherd my entire life and Lottie is by far one of the best ones I have owned. I was nervous about making this decision by myself however, she is smart, alert, driven, very active and keeps my on my toes. At 22 weeks she already knows basic commands in German and we are going to be starting off leash training and protection is in her future. I receive compliments all the time, she is solid black and just a gorgeous pup, I brag on her all the time. My friends post their kids on Facebook, I post my dog, because I want everyone to know what a great dog she is!

I could go on and on about how wonderful she is, but I will end this by saying THANK YOU so much for the great puppy.


Zyker von Hügelblick

I could not be more happy to join the Hillview family! Carrie and Blake are both great people and made it possible for me to get the puppy of my dreams. Zyker is both brilliant and handsome, with a phenomenal food and prey drive. He's fastest learning dog I've ever worked with. Not to mention he's as healthy as a horse! I can not wait to see the dog he matures into! Thank you, Hillview kennels, for bringing this incredible little guy into my life!

Alexa Mitchell

Zora Eos von Hügelblick (Z2 litter)
(Pongo and Isis von Hügelblick)

I cannot express what a blessing Blake and Carrie have been through the entire process of finding my new furry family member. I came to Carrie after the passing of my beloved best friend and as a complete stranger to me; she presented nothing but heart-felt compassion and understanding for my loss. Though the pups were several weeks from coming home, Carrie constantly sent me pictures and updated me on how the pups were doing.

Upon arrival, we were given a tour of the beautiful place these wonderful dogs (all of which were friendly and loved to be petted) get to call home. We were given a tour of the kennels and got to see how the dogs interacted in the home and with strangers. Pongo, the sire of my puppy, especially impressed me. I watched as Blake worked Pongo with a drive and intensity that is unrivaled, however, within seconds of Blake releasing him from working, he was on the ground kissing my mother. The on/off switch Pongo possessed was next level, and reassured me that I was making the right choice.

Next came the six hour drive home from Nashville to Columbus. I had no idea what to expect with a puppy I had never met before today riding in a car for six hours. Boy, was I blown away! Eos was laying down with me cuddled up sleeping almost the entire time! Additionally, she made almost no noise on the entire ride back while sitting in my lap.

One thing I noticed instantaneously upon arriving home was the drive this puppy has. If I throw a ball, she is a magnet headed straight to it! On top of that, her food drive is awesome. Eos is quickly learning commands and she loves to work! I am over-joyed with what an awesome dog Eos is turning out to be and I cannot wait to see her develop into the beautiful strong dog I saw in her father!

David Bodegain
Columbus, OH

Xenna von Hügelblick (X2 litter)
(Beika and Dux von Hügelblick)

We recently lost our fantastic Zidane von Haus Sevesn GSD too early to oral cancer. Our wounds are still so raw. But I took a chance and asked Carrie if she had a sable female for sale. She agreed to sell me her pick of that litter....... I agreed instantly. I needed so much for my broken heart to begin to heal.....

So here came little Xenna vom Hügelblick. A GORGEOUS HIGH QUALITY GSD!!! I bred these dogs for many years and know the breed well. Baby Xenna is totally incredible! She is both fabulous in conformation, temperament and intelligence. Totally healthy and Carrie made sure she was perfect before she shipped her to me. Carrie and Hill View Kennels routinely go above and beyond what most breeders do to insure fine animals for us to love and enjoy. I know what it takes as I have been breeding fine German horses for many years. I follow the same philosophy. Beautiful Xenna is brilliant. Has already learned many 'tricks' and disciplines with very little effort. I can't more highly recommend another breeder if you are interested in a TOP quality GSD!!!!!! Believe me when I say, I rarely give such praise!!!! Be confident and trust this fine lady and her kennel!!!!!!!! I LOVE XENNA!!!!!! You are welcome to contact me for references...........

Janice and Keith Maddox

Xerxes von Hügelblick (X2 litter)
(Beika and Dux von Hügelblick)

There are no words to express how happy we are with choosing Hillview Kennels and Carrie to provide us with the perfect GSD for our family. Achilles has been the perfect new addition and it is like he has always been a part of the family. His health is perfect and his excellent bloodlines reflect through his adaptability, personality, and learning capabilities. Even our veterinarian, who is a former GSD owner, was so impressed with him that she asked for information on Hillview so that she could look into getting a puppy. I would recommend anyone to Hillview and will definitely contact Carrie in the future when we are looking to add another GSD to our family. Carrie is without a doubt the most knowledgeable person you will ever meet when it comes to this breed. If you have a question, it will get answered.

-Aaron and Emily

Waylon von Hügelblick (W2 litter)
D'Atze von Hügleblick x Planka vom Wällerhorst

Prior to getting my Hillview puppy, I had two male German Shepherds that I had attempted IPO with and neither of them were very good for the sport. I thought I had done a good bit of research when buying my first GSD. Boy was I wrong! I bought him out of champion bloodlines but his health is poor, he only has one testicle, his hips and elbows are bad and his temperament is absolutely horrible. I knew by the time he was 2 years old that I wanted another GSD, but this time I was looking for a working line puppy. Without doing any research at all, an opportunity presented itself. I brought home my second GSD at the age of 16 weeks. He had never been socialized, he was dirty, stinky and covered in fireants (I felt like I was rescuing him). As he got older we thought he had potential for the sport. I was ecstatic when he got his BH at the age of 2. Well, now he's almost 5 years old and has several failed attempts at an IPO 1 in his scorebook.

After all of the experiences that I had with my first two GSDs, I knew what to look for in number three. This time I researched bloodlines like crazy and I kept getting drawn back to Hillview Kennels. Finally, I had made my decision... I wanted a female puppy from Layla von Hügleblick. She seemed like the whole package. So, I was ready to go for it! I contacted Carrie through her website looking for information on Layla's next breeding. I told her exactly what I was looking for in my next puppy. Carrie called me later that day and said that she had puppies available that matched my description in a D'Atze x Planka litter. With D'Atze being a full brother to Layla, I knew I would still be getting exactly what I wanted. Plus, Planka is an amazing female as well. Hearing about Carrie's reputation for matching owners with their ideal puppy, I had confidence in her selecting the right puppy for me.

Several weeks later, my husband and I went to pick up Waylon at the Fohl's home in Nashville. Carrie and Blake were so welcoming. It felt like we had known them for years. When we saw Waylon and her litter mates for the first time, we were impressed with how clean and healthy all of the puppies looked. All of the dogs there were treated as part of their family, not like a means to a paycheck as we had seen with other breeders. Every dog was well taken care of and loved by the whole family. It was comforting knowing that my new girl got the best start in life that any puppy could.

Now that we've had Waylon for nearly a month, I can honestly say that Carrie hit the nail on the head with this puppy. She is everything that I ever wanted in a GSD. Her prey drive is amazing! Her confidence is like nothing I have seen before in a young puppy! She has a sweet disposition but can be a little spitfire too! She has responded well to the basic training that I have been doing with her. Within a weeks time, Waylon was doing sit, platz, stand and place. By week two she was working on recalls and retrieving. She is also doing puppy tracks with articles and I could not be more pleased with her progress in such a short amount of time. Our club's helper (also a Police K9 handler and trainer) just loves her to death. She has full, calm grips, plus she is really fast. On top of all that, she is absolutely beautiful.

I could not have been more satisfied with this entire experience. Carrie and Hillview Kennel are first class in my book. I am so honored to be part of the Hillview family!

Jessie and Neil Blankenbuehler
Cape Coral, Florida

Uzi von Hügelblick (U2 litter / Layla and Bac)
Jasper von Hügelblick (J2 Litter / Fera and Figo)


Here I sit, trying to figure out what to say that hasn't been said before. Your dedication to the German Shepard is without a doubt beyond anyone expectations and without question one of the best ! My family has been honored to be allowed to become owners of not One but Two of your dogs. When I called you late last year I was hoping that you would say that we would be eligible for another GSD. Jasper von Hügelblick (J2 litter) is a wonderful addition to our family loving, energetic, extremely intelligent, and protective of the family. Unlike other breeders you weren't focused on the monetary aspect of selling me another companion. We discussed at length whether we wanted a male or female, what we intended to do with the pup, how you felt the new pup would interact with Jasper and our other dog, and the environment we planned to raise the pup in. We decided on a male pup from a different mother, and of course left it up to your judgment to pick Uzi out.

The days turned into weeks and then finally the word Layla was pregnant. When the U2 litter was born we watched online and I waited anxiously for pictures via my iPhone. As we waited I thought how we can divide our time between Jasper and the new pup. Jasper is definitely the alpha of our house, how will she react? Well rest assured I had you and your team who knew us, knew our Jasper, and picked the perfect male puppy "“ Uzi von Hügelblick.

Fast forward to today Uzi is 13 weeks old and what a joy. He has so many characteristics similar to Jasper, yet his personality is so different. He is an energetic little boy, full of spit and vinegar, yet has bonded to me and follows me around the house wherever I go. He is quiet, yet will be the first to let you know that he is hungry, thirsty, or needs to go out, all at 13 weeks. He and Jasper get along great watching those two play chasing one another, rolling around in the snow, playing like a brother and sister. No doubt they both can smell and sense that they came from an excellent sire the one and only Atze. Uzi has accepted Jasper as the alpha, I sense that even as he grows big and strong as his grandfather he will remain calm and quiet, yet dominant when needed.

We can't say enough about how you and your family have become part of our family. Thank you so much!

Matt, Gwen, Courtney, Chase, Jasper, and Uzi

Jasha von Hügelblick (J litter, Beika and Falk)
Cyra "Lexi" von Hügelblick (C2 Litter, Beika and Atze)

Hi Carrie,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you how much we love our Hillview girls. Asha and Lexi are best friends. When Asha turned two we knew we were ready for a second puppy and there was no doubt where we were going to get our next puppy. When we seen Beika was having another litter we knew we wanted another one of her puppies.

Again, you picked the perfect puppy for us. Lexi is such a little snuggler. Both of our Hillview girls have the perfect balance of home protection and family pet. Dave always says our alarm system on the house is just a backup to the dogs because they will let you know if anyone is even close to the house long before the alarm goes off. They warm up quickly to guest always trying to give them a ball to throw.

When we were talking to friends about being ready for another puppy we were urged not to get another female because two females will not get a long. I'm glad we went with our gut instinct and went with another female. They are so loving to each other and play well together.

Our daughter was nervous about the dogs with our young grandsons because of their size and presence but they are great with the kids. Kyler our 2 1/2 year old grandson can't get enough of the dogs. He can be rough with them and they just want more. On one occasion Kyler went up to Asha and grabbed her on both sides of her face to give her a kiss and Asha kissed all over him. Our daughter was surprised with how Asha reacted asking why do your dogs take that from the boys when Sugar (her Maltese) growls at them. I said when the girls were little we planned on having grandchildren and worked with the dogs when eating, pulled their tails and did things to them we thought a child may do. They love children.

I know you've heard this many times but Asha and Lexi are the perfect dogs for our family.

Dave and Janet Otwell
Rockford, IL

Shikha Von Hügelblick
From S2 litter


You picked the perfect puppy for us. It is hard to put into words how wonderful Shikha is. She is confident, gentle, teachable, fun, beautiful, good with children, and incredibly intelligent. Everywhere we go, people say how pretty she is and what a great temperament she has. She is friendly with new people, dogs, and new situations. She is so smart that I can teach her something new everyday.

She is four and a half months old now, and I wanted to tell you one story of how fantastic she is. We regularly go to a nearby park for walks, and this past weekend we were there and saw a special needs child. This little girl is around 8 years old, and we have seen her before. She always wants to pet dogs, and this week I thought I would show her a trick. I asked Shikha to sit and shake, and she did it. Then I asked the little girl if she wanted to try. She told Shikha to "Sit" then "Shake," and Shikha did it immediately! I was so impressed that she obeyed the little girl, and my heart glowed with how meaningful it is that a puppy can bring joy like that to a child and her caregivers.

She is the perfect dog for our family, and we are so grateful to have a Hillview pup! Hopefully I will have many more stories to tell you in the years to come.

Vanessa and Matt Hardy
Nashville, TN

Prime "Grimlock" Von Hügelblick


My fiancée Carrie and I can barely put into words the amount of joy you've brought to our home. Grim has been amazing. We had asked for a dog that would be a natural home protector and the perfect pet and that's what was delivered and more. When we had originally talked, Carrie and I had expressed an interest in possibly participating in Schutzhund"¦ well needless to say after the ease and joy of basic obedience classes and being invited to and joining a club after our second visit we're hooked. Grim has been described as a perfect candidate. Initial expectations and desires to obtain a BH have been replaced with anticipation of gaining an IPO I title or higher. Grim loves to train, and we do as well with him. As a member of the family he fit in perfectly. You couldn't have been more correct than you were in the breeding announcement of Pongo and Beika in reference to the expected pack orientation. Grim and our other dog (Marley) are perfect "brothers" together. Marley, the senior of the two by 11 years, has an extra bounce in his step these days and loves playing with Grim. Carrie and I are already looking forward to our next Hillview pup.

Allen and Carrie

Pandora von Hügelblick
From P2 litter

How can I put into words just how perfect Pandora von Hugelblick (Pongo x Beika) is for my family? I wanted a protection dog that could also be a companion dog and member of our family and you chose the perfect puppy for all of those things. The wait was worth it. She has the perfect combination of drive, independence and nerves of steel. She is eager to please and training her is a joy. She adapts well to all new situations we have exposed her to, and has zero fear in interacting with people and other dogs. She has shown a love for tracking and with a high food and ball drive, training her is more like playing than work! Everyone who has worked with her is amazed at how she is not only gorgeous but has the perfect balance of temperament for work and home. The process of choosing a protection dog that also can be a family dog is not an easy one and you made it effortless for us by picking out the dog that met our needs. Your dedication to bettering the breed is evident in the excellence seen in each litter. I am proud to be lucky enough to own a Hillview German Shepherd.

Stephanie Vaughn
Hoover, Alabama

Bowie von Hügelblick

I had been looking for the right German Shepherd for over 2 years. I felt like I was searching for a breeder that didn't exist. I knew the sport I wanted to compete in would take a special dog. I knew GSDs competing in Ringsport were a rarity but I had my heart set on having a German Shepherd be my first dog to compete with in the sport. I was blessed to have a good friend and trainer, Tim Welch, who had helped me pick out my first GSD, who was then nearing the age of 14. Tim for the past several years was competing with several different breeds who he trained to become Ringsport champions. In hanging around the club, I fell in love with the sport and yearned to have a new working dog of my own. Granted, most of the dogs in Ringsport were not GSDs but I wanted a challenge and I wanted to see my favorite breed compete in the sport.

As a casting/talent producer, I was thorough and my search for my next dog came near and far. I researched dogs and lines all over the world. I contacted and spoke to several breeders and I felt like none really understood what I was looking for and honestly, most didn't have the patience to hear out how important it was for me to wait for the right puppy. This would not only be my partner and teammate, but he would also be a member of the family and a protector of the home. Just as important, I wanted to make sure he had a natural on and off switch "“ "on" when he was on the field and "off" when he was at home with the family. I wanted him to be able to understand what it meant to be gentle with children and smaller dogs and when it was time to have fun working.

While on a working dog forum, I read positive reviews on Hillview Kennels. I reached out to Carrie Fohl and immediately we hit it off. She was friendly but informative and she wasn't annoyed with all my 101 questions and long winded emails. Carrie was patient and didn't rush me into getting one of her puppies. In fact, we talked and kept in touch for almost a year until she told me about a litter of 5 boys from Atze and Yessi. It felt right and I went for it. I traveled to Nashville and fell in love with their beautiful kennel and the pups. And I ended up taking Bowie home right in time for Thanksgiving.

We immediately started our training for Ringsport but my trainer, Tim, knew that training a German Shepherd in this sport would be a slow and steady progression. The main difference between Schutzhund and Ringsport is the use of defense and prey drive. Coming from a line of Schutzhund/IPO champions, I knew the defense was naturally in him. But bringing out Bowie's prey drive was just as important along with balancing the defense in him. Bowie will be turning 2 years old at the end of September and since we got him, he's come a long way in his training. Our goal is to compete in our Brevet next year and hopefully thereafter, our Ring 1. Throughout it all, Carrie has been supportive when I've had questions on his parents and the lines. We've kept in touch not only because of Bowie but also because we've become friends. The Fohls really do make each of their dogs a member of their family and I couldn't help but love and respect them for that. When I saw their son, Zephan, with Atze, I saw what Bowie would be to my family and to our future kids. Watching the two interact, it was beautiful and I was lucky to witness this in person.

I feel what is most important in finding the right GSD is finding a passionate and responsible breeder and also finding a supportive trainer who knows what they are doing in the sport that you want to compete in. My family and I feel truly blessed in having a breeder and trainer believe in Bowie as much as I do. When I'm out playing or training with Bowie, it's one of the few things I am able to lose myself completely in the fun. He's my best friend, my personal direwolf , and a member and protector of the family. May all of you who are lucky enough to get a Hillview member of the family be as blessed with joy as we are.

Jackie Topacio and Family
Los Angeles, CA

Dux von Hügelblick

Where do I begin? We are so thrilled with Dux (Atze' x Baghira). When my husband first told me he had always wanted a German Shepherd, I was sceptical. I had only seen poor quality GSD's and did not really know about the sport of Schutzhund. I am a horse trainer and breeder, so I appreciate and understand quality. I told my husband that I would research the breed to make sure we got the right dog for our family. After months of research and looking through several websites, I decided that I wanted a competitive Schutzhund dog. I kept going back to the Hillview Kennels site. I was impressed with the dogs, and always current updates. Most of the sites I found were out of date, or hadn't bred a litter in years. One of the sites I called told me that if I bought a puppy from them, it would be spayed or neutered at 8 wks old before I could have it! (Shouldn't that be my decision? and who alters a puppy at 8 weeks???) When I finally called Carrie, she was very patient and informative as I told her that we would be first time GSD owners.

I wanted the PERFECT dog with the PERFECT temperament to live in the house AND be a competitive Schutzhund dog. This dog could not be TOO much dog for me as a first time handler AND have an off switch, BUT have enough drive to stand out! (not too much to ask right?), she referred me to Annette Holbrook from Wolfbrook dog park who has many Hillview dogs in their club and even a full sister to the littler I was calling about. Annette basically told me that if I had an opportunity to own a puppy from this breeding that I should jump on it! We made our deposit that day! Several weeks later we made the trip up to Nashville. The hospitality the Fohl's provided us was exceptional, the dogs were amazing, and our baby Dux was a happy well socialized puppy and we were so excited. Once we got Dux home, he was such an easy puppy. The Fohl's son Zephan had done such a good job with his initial socialization, that he adapted to every situation stress free. From day 1 he excelled in his training and impressed everyone who has seen him thus far. Carrie has this amazing ability to match up the right dog with the right owners. Dux has exceeded all of my expectations and makes me look like I know what I'm doing! He has this unsurmountable drive to please, and has the energy of 10 dogs. He would work 24/7 if I let him! At 19 months old, he has the off switch of a made dog, and you can turn it back on in a nano second! I can take this dog anywhere, he knows the difference if he is accompanying me to a horse show, or if he is on the field for his favorite game of protection. When I asked for the PERFECT dog, I got THE PERFECT DOG! I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Fohl family very well over the last 19 months now. Carrie even entrusted me with raising her beloved D'Atze (Dux's littler mate) Who is now in Germany training with Sandro Sechi. I had a blast having both D boys at the farm. I learned a lot while they were growing up. D'Atze is another PERFECT dog! I wouldn't have expected that. SO now that I am completely obsessed with GSD's because of these 2 exceptional dogs (as well as the several other Hillview dogs I have been in contact with since this journey began), my husband may at certain times question his request to own a German shepherd 2 short years ago, but he loves Dux just as much as I do. LOL and I have officially joined the club of the "Crazy dog Ladies". We have met great people, and are currently training with Josh Markow from Classic City Working Dogs, who is on the 2013 WUSV team with none other than, you guesed it! A Hillview bred dog "Iccky" Who also happens to be Dux's big brother! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

We can never thank you enough Fohl family and Hillview Kennels!
Gina And Thomas Pfeffer

Reign von Hügelblick (R2 litter)
Newest member to our Family

How do you say thank you and really mean it, we'll its easy. say what you mean and mean what you say. That's exactly what Carrie Fohl Hillview Kennel does. She was contacted a few months back, by my wife. If I remember correctly it was late night, and I was sleeping. Anyway my wife wanted a Olek von der Maineiche puppy and she found a breeding on the SV website with Olek and Planka so she called Hillview Kennel to ask about the breeding and she got Carrie Fohl on the phone. Well you can see where that went. My wife put a deposit down and explained to Carrie what her concerns were and what she wanted in her new puppy, you see my wife has an eye disorder and wanted specifics things in her new puppy and Carrie told her she will watch the litter and pick her the correct puppy based on her request, we put our trust in her and waited for the puppies to get old enough for their drives to come out. Yesterday I drove up to pick up her new puppy from Florida and to tell you the truth I was a bit concerned about getting a puppy that someone else picked out, but when I got there and seen the puppy it was like Carrie knew my wife her whole life, what a great job she did with this puppy, "Wow" it's exactly what she wanted, I will let everyone I know where to get their their puppy or GSD from, "way to go Carrie" Awesome choice and Awesome Litter, never change. You have "It".

This is how you say Thank You and Mean It.

Thank You Carrie,
James and Dottie DeBusk

Onya von Hügelblick (O2 litter)

According to my husband, ONYA arrived into our home fully "trained" at nine weeks. We have had various shepherds throughout our 30 years of marriage. None have been so incredibly smart, trainable and easy as ONYA. I contacted Carrie and thanked her for obedience training her and Carrie laughed and informed me that she had not done any obedience training. My husband and I were in complete shock. She integrated into our lives and our home flawlessly!!!! The ease of training her, even the most difficult of commands, is effortless. When people witness how incredibly intelligent and trainable Onya is, they are so impressed. We are in complete LOVE!!!! She has stolen our hearts. Swimming is her favorite activity and we spend most of the time laughing at her antics in the pool with our older shepherd, Bridget. Hillview Kennel's breeding program is unsurpassed in the United States. We can not thank Carrie enough for healing our hearts and bringing ONYA into our lives. We are Hillview Kennel members for life.

Renay Horricks

Nemesis von Hügelblick (N2 litter)
(Atze daughter in training for diabetic alert)

Blake & Carrie, Jack and Regina are working out great together! They are currently working on walking each other. Tonight, Jack reached a milestone in school-age dog ownership. He has to explain to his teacher why his dog ate (chewed) his homework!

She is the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. His face lights up every time he sees her and she really gives him a sense of pride as she responds to his training efforts.

We could not have hoped for a more perfect match. Thank you!

All the best,

Kali von Hügelblick (K2 litter)



Last weekend Kali received her last set of shots, weighs a whopping 30 lbs, and is very healthy. She has finally become accustomed to her leash and enjoys walks. We walked for the first time today as a family for about 30 minutes and you could tell she thoroughly enjoyed it. She had her first experience around new dogs when my brother visited with his rather large Doberman. She was very anxious at first but slowly warmed up and enjoyed play time with the other dog. It's still very apparent that she still has her dominant tendencies including her nipping at the ankles of the other much larger dog. However, it was a hilarious display of a then 25 lb dog nipping at the heels and chasing a dog that resembled a horse. Besides the bits of play with the Doberman she has had superb temperament. She lays with my 5 month old son and will let him pull and grab at her face with no aggressive response. I can already sense that on my next deployment I will have no worries of the security of my home and family because of Kali.


Thanks again,


Billie "Mason" von Hügelblick (B2 litter)

Hi Carrie!


Hope all is well with you and your family!


As for Mason, he is healthy and happy, and weighing in at 85 lbs!!! He will begin Air Scent classes in March, and already has the makings of an excellent S&R dog. He is doing really well, and I couldn't be more happy with my best friend!


Thank you so much!

Ash and Mason

Kayo Zugen von Hügelblick (K2 litter)



We were very pleased with the process of buying a puppy from you. When we picked him up from the airport he didn't show any signs of stress or any signs of being timid. He warmed up to his new home and our other dog without any issues. Wherever we take him we get tons of compliments on his looks and demeanor. He is very ball driven so learning doesn't take long. Although he is still very young we like what we see. Everyday he amazes us with something. His high energy keeps us on our toes and that was just one trait that we asked for. I feel we got the full package with this great puppy. We will keep you posted on his development.


Ryan & Kirsten Boone
Hampton VA

Irko von Hügelblick (I2 litter) &
Yeva Juno von Hügelblick


What can I say?  I love my Hillview Kennels  pups!  When I was ready for my second German Shepherd there was no doubt where I would get him.  Your constant communication and assistance made that an easy decision.  As a first time dog owner I definitely needed the help and you were always there.


Juno is doing great and had no problem accepting Irko into the family.  Irko is still in puppy mode even though at eight months he is already 73 pounds and looks so big.   Both dogs are incredibly smart and attentive.   Irko is far more a people pleaser than Juno but we appreciate their differences and they balance each other out well.


Everywhere we go people comment on how well behaved they are and how easy going they are.   We also get lots of compliments on how beautiful they are.  The vet absolutely adores them as well.


I appreciate the attention to detail in your breeding program and your relationship with your customers.  This is not a "sell and forget" operation.


Thanks for matching us up with these great dogs.

Donna Summers

Jasper von Hügelblick
(J2 litter)



Sorry I haven't gotten pictures to you in a while. Jasper is doing great. She is now 33 lbs, gotten all her shots, and in good health.


Overall, she is really adapted well. She lets us know when its time to go out, has an occasional accident that we are working on. She walks on the leash, sits on command, down, and working on stay. She has a strong drive- which is great, very willing to play, and as you know very protective. We had our first significant snow fall her yesterday and what fun it was with her out in the snow. She tried eating it all. We all rolled around, played chase, and had a good time.


We are all so pleased you afforded us the honor on having such as a great companion!


Wishing you and you family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,



Jewel von Hügelblick
(J2 litter)
Gainesville, Georgia

Jewel got to go and hang out at a pheasant shoot today. Proved pretty good walking around and hunting up wounded birds, she even delivers pretty well to hand ( I had kinda expected a more "peel and eat" response). Jewel is really a confident little girl, I have really enjoyed her and she has the nicest drives, everything in balance and so solid.


She continues to impress, truly outstanding temperament.
Very Cool!



Chuck Macklin

Brada von Hügelblick
(B2 litter)



Here is a picture of Brada from the North American Police Dog Association seminar last May when he was 6 months. Hope all is well. He is doing great by the way and is really developing into his personality which is intense. I'm extremely pleased with him.



Tommy Buchness

Daenerys Fáelán von Hügelblick

I haven't updated you in a while, but I wanted to send you a new picture of Fáelán. The summer just flew by, and we never seemed to have much time. We're working on off leash training now, and she's doing really well. She's so smart it's scary. Hope things are going well for you. Give an extra hug to Atze and Baghira for us...


David Riley

Gallant Simba von Hügelblick
Sparta, TN

This is "The Man". He is so nice looking. I think its that black face of his that draws a lot of attention. He gets major compliments when he goes to town for being well mannered. He is sweet and is doing good with the goats. When the weather gets cooler, so that we can bush hog the pastures off, I will try to get pictures of him watching the goats. Right now the grass is so tall that its hard to take good pictures of them. I will slowly start training him to herd the goats when he gets older. He also has a good nose on him. Now that we are out of the triple digit weather I plan to start him tracking some on the farm. He is a wonderful little guy and we are very happy with him. He is going to be a lot of help here.


Michelle Wilkey and Simba

WolfBrook Dog Club & Park & Cooper Creek DVG

Breeding dogs is a challenge that is always under estimated. Very few who have any understanding of what it takes to pursue this objective successfully pursue it far enough to achieve notable results. It always takes much more time, money, patience and dedication that anyone ever thinks it will.


The other challenge for a breeder is the expectation level of those who may be in the market for a puppy. All such people want is everything they can think of in terms of sheer perfection plus everything they learn down the road that they should have considered before they bought a pup. Of course everyone who wants a pup wants something a little bit different and better than everyone else. In other words puppy buyers are completely and utterly impossible to satisfy.


So all you have to do to be a successful dog breeder is to devote limitless personal and financial resources to produce perfection beyond all human expectation from a totally uncontrolable and random genetic crap shoot. Wonder why there are not more successful breeders?

Those of us who have devoted significant personal and financial resources to this task know that far from over estimating this pursuit we are still under estimating it. Our whole hearted and genuine admiration belong to those who find within themselves the strength to pursue this very important but impossible task.


We suppose there may be someone somewhere who has pored more into this thankless and bottomless pit of hopes and expectations than the Fohls and Hillview Kennels. We just have no idea where or how such a resource could exist in the world we travel. Until we find such a resourse we will remain appreciative and adamant fans.


When I was born my parents had a German Shepherd that was my baby sitter/guardian. My family had 6 different GSD's by the time I got to high school.


Fresh out of college, I discovered Schutzhund and have pursued the sport since. My estimation of my greatest achievement in Schutzhund has been my success at getting puppies to "do the work". I took all of my first 6 GSD puppies to Sch titles, 4 males, 2 females. Both my original two dogs made qualifying scores for the National Championship. My dogs have won local and regional trials and scored many High In....I can't even begin to remember all the excellent examples of the breed I have had the pleasure of working with as a helper and Training Director over the years.


My greatest interest in German Shepherds and Schutzhund has not been competition though. My greatest interest has been in building the best working relationship possible with the breed of dogs that in my estimation best exemplifies the term "man's best friend". Breeding and training the best dogs possible is where my dedication lies.


I have served as President and or Training Director of four Schutzhund Clubs in metro Atlanta. I worked with Ed Shipman in his GSD breeding program for many years. Ed was on the National Breed Advisory Council for Schutzhund USA for many years and a dedicated respected breeder. Ed served as the Breed Warden in Atlanta until he retired from Schutzhund. I was Assistant Breed Warden and Tattooer. I raised and helped train many puppies from Ed's kennel Wulfshagen. My wife Annette and I bred and raised working dogs long enough to appreciate the challenges.


Mike and Annette Holbrook
WolfBrook Dog Club & Park
Copper Creek DVG

Clarimonda "Zenzi" von Hügelblick
Atlanta, Georgia

Our dog Zenzi is truly exceptional "“ loyal, loving, and fiercely protective, yet also incredibly patient with our high-energy 3-year-old son. She's blessed with an innate sense of when to "turn it on" and when to "let it slide." She's taken to Schutzhund like a fish to water and stolen the hearts of all her trainers, as well as every other member of the club, many of whom are lifetime shepherd enthusiasts. They all see that Zenzi is something special. Even passers-by on the street stop to offer their compliments all the time. She is the perfect combination of family guardian and family companion. We are so happy that our research led us to Hillview. Carrie Fohl is without question one of the very best in the world in this field. Her passion and authority are absolute. Her track record speaks for itself. She certainly picked the ideal dog for our family. For that, we are forever grateful.


William DuVall

Ed Abel
Corporate K-9 PM EODT

As Corporate K-9 Program Manager for EOD Technology Inc. and the Owner and Head Trainer for International Working Dogs I am pleased to have the assistance and experience of Carrie Fohl of Hillview Kennels. Carrie has provided outstanding working line German Shepherds that exemplify trainability, temperament, and beauty. Several of Hillviews dogs are being used in our operations and as part of our breeding program.


With over thirty-five years experience in working dogs I feel very honored to be able to write this letter of appreciation to Carrie and her family for all their hard work in improving the working traits so badly needed in the German Shepherd today. I highly recommend Hillview Kennels for anyone that wants a quality dog that will be a true companion, guardian, and friend.


Thank you for your help and assistance,
Edward Abel

Kaiya von Hügelblick
Olney, Maryland

(Kaiya is from the H2 litter)

Hi Carrie,


We can not believe a week has already passed since the arrival of our new baby. We have named the pup Kaiya. She settled in nicely and is awesome. Everyone who meets her just melts. She has such a sweet disposition. We are working on the basic training and she is doing well with sit, down and come. Potty training seems successful for the most part, any accidents seem to be human related. We are working very hard with the biting which she enjoys yet we don't. Kaiya is very calm and does great at night. She sleeps from 10-6:30am without any accidents or crying. We did visit our vet this week & he gave her rave reviews.

Thank you so much for all your help in picking out such a great pup for our family. Bottom line is we love her!
- Kathy

Callie von Hügelblick
Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin

Hi Carrie,


Good news! Callie and I got voted into the Schutzhund club in Hazelhurt on Sunday. Because of Callie. Certainly wasn't because of my handler skills. All thanks to YOU and the excellent job you do with your breeding program! Callie took to training like she had been doing it all her life. I was told we had to go 10 times before they would decide if we could join or not and they voted on us at 6 times. All the credit to you, Beika and Atze.


She can be calm and the sweetest little girl but when its time to go to training she knows what to do. High energy and doesn't back off. I could not ask for a better dog. I'm totally thrilled with her. She is everything anyone could want in a German Shepard.


I wouldn't even think of buying a dog anywhere else. Thank you Carrie you are the best.


Warm Regards,
Mary Wahlgren

Jim Alloway
Columbus, Ohio

I’ve been involved with German Shepherds nearly 38 years.  When our first dog Pilot prevented my Dad from spanking me, I knew I’d found a breed for life.  Over the last 30 years I’ve met and discussed breeding with hundreds of breeders, been to Germany 10 times, competed at National level competitions, and have helped many clients find their ideal dog.  Of all of the breeders in our country, Hillview Kennels is one of the select few that combines exceptional bloodlines, excellent client attentiveness, and genuine care and concern for every puppy they breed.  Over the last 2 years, every puppy sold to Columbus has been a perfect fit for their new homes.  Great dogs and great people to work with!!!

Caine "Drago" von Hügelblick and
Calla "Khaleesi" von Hügelblick
Columbus, Ohio

Hi Carrie,


My apologies for not getting in touch sooner. Our GSD's are great. We are taking it slower on our training and doing so we have had little to no negativity so the bond is becoming strong as a family. Thus far Khaleesi and Drogo are proving themselves to be everything that we desired (and my list was not small). Smart, (very smart!) and willing to please. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't comment to my family on how much I love and am glad that we decided to get two. As I am sure you are aware, we have started our training with Jim Alloway which is going very, very well. Khaleesi and Drogo are doing better than I am at times as I am learning a new way to train and trying hard not to revert to my old ways.


You might remember that when I first contacted you I told you about Soze (A GSD out of a breeder in Missouri that my wife and I had years ago, who was the best and I do mean best. She was so smart (almost human-like) and was fully trained in protection and of course obedience. How could such a perfect dog ever be duplicated? Well, I never thought that I would ever get close to a dog like her again. I am rethinking that now, I just might have two of them! We will keep working hard with Mr. Alloway and having lots of family fun together. I will try and send an updated picture of Khaleesi and Drogo - maybe one from the Smoky Mtns when the whole family goes for spring break.


Until next time,

Robert Temple

Xyta "Ellie" von Hügelblick

Hi Carrie,


After owning this wonderful puppy, I feel like I can adequately give feedback. Ellie is just over 14 months old now with a great temperament; a quality, as you know, that was most desired. When we looked into purchasing a German shepherd, we learned how important a stable temperament was versus the "look" of a show dog. She has proven that children, bikes, roller skates, cars, loud sounds, dogs, and other animals can't rattler her nerves. She does, however, run and bark like a mad dog when someone knocks on the door when the family is all in our home- as though she knows someone, other than her family, wants in. The vet has given her a clean bill of health from the first day we brought her in, and even commented how proud and confident she was. He said that he has seen may GSD cower in the corner with fear. She sat there proudly and took the shots that were given; even licking him!


Although she is a calm and attentive dog, we enrolled her in dog obedience classes to channel her energy and teach us how to challenge her. She knows the difference between a "casual" walk on command and the "heel" command, and adjusts her position and pace accordingly. She knows all the basic commands but now can sit for a long period, her "place" command, in a room if we have guests over, so to not nudge them for affection.


We take her regularly to the dog park where she plays great with all the dogs and loves chasing after her tennis balls. She really isn't too concerned about the dogs large or small around her. She is only interested in my first throw"¦ to my fiftieth. When she is running after a ball, she is only looking at her ball and nothing will stop her from catching it-mostly in mid air. At home we play with old soccer balls; we have gone through about 6 soccer balls -her passion! After about 20 minutes of this hard exercise, she is looking for some water, rest, relaxation and of course petting.


She has not exhibited any bad habits-chewing, biting, barking etc. At first she would sneak an abandoned, lone sock, but has since figured that a good, stern look and the command "drop it" will make her spit it out quickly. We have allowed and trusted her to roam the house at night while we sleep to keep an eye on everyone and everything. She waits patiently for me to wake up and know that she then can go outside. I have never been awakened by her to tell me when she needs to go outside.


At about the age of 9 months, she had figured out how to escape from her double, two-dimensional locked, crate. We haven't figured out how she does it. And she doesn't do it all the time- just when she feels like it. Matter of fact, we were greeted by her last night at the door. We got home about 10:00pm and had been gone for over 4 hours, and not a shred of evidence that she was concerned or worried. On a side note, she has perfected an interesting "trick". She can unlock the crate from the outside to reach her treat taunting her in the inside.


I don't remember if you recall talking to me on the phone when I mentioned that all I wanted was the "perfect dog". Well, I think you have delivered. We have all grown to admire the strength and beauty of this breed. Her intelligence is far beyond our expectations, her loyalty is striking, and her temperament cannot be overstated for such a dog that commands respect. Thank you for offering to us such a wonderful family dog. Atze deserves another "attaboy"!


Tricia and Gary Lallo

Izzy von Hügelblick


I would like to thank you so much for matching me with the perfect dog. Izzy has exceeded my expectations in more ways than you can imagine. You picked me out Izzy from the litter and told me that he would be great for me. He has been everything that you said he would be and much, much more. He has been a loyal companion as well as a strong working dog. He does everything he can to please me. He has done great in our home with princess (teacup Yorkie) and now Boss von Hugelblick! Carlie and I both came to you when we decided to get into the great sport of Schutzhund. Without prior knowledge in the sport, we could have easily been misled. Thanks to you and your kennel I am now very involved in the sport and plan to be for the rest of my life. I have seen many people get their first SchH dog and not get the chance to enjoy their dog because it was not the right dog for them. When you were describing Izzy's litter, you gave us all of the details on what the dogs' temperament would be like. All of these characteristics match exactly what you said they would be.

I can remember when we came to pick Izzy up like it was yesterday. When we arrived at Hillview Kennels we first got to meet Baghira. She is such a great dog and I now see where many of Izzy's traits come from. Izzy was a great puppy and so very easy to train. Since he is my first dog, I was completely new to dog training in general. I had no idea how complex Schutzhund was until I got a little more involved. Despite my lack of training knowedge, Izzy still stayed right by my side and did everything that I asked him to. It has been such a journey with this dog and it is far from being over. Izzy just earned his BH title last weekend at Coal Mountian Schutzhund Association. I plan of taking him all the way to IPO III and I am sure he will take me there. He is a very happy dog and always brings a smile to anyone who is around him.

Thank you again for everything that you have done!
Steve & Carlie Miller

Yessy vom Welzbachtal (Hillview's 4 time SchH3 lady)

We are very thankful that Carrie has given us the opportunity to give Yessy a home. After the loss of our Labrador Retriever due to age, I was a little skeptical about getting another dog. My oldest daughter, Hannah, was going off to college in the fall of last year and my youngest daughter, Haleigh, was fast approaching the "high school years". I have come to realize it was one of the best decisions I made.......welcoming Yessy into our family. Learning the German commands was a little unusual but Yessy immediately responded to Haleigh, my youngest daughter and took her as her own. She is the welcome that Haleigh needed coming home from school each afternoon when neither myself or Hannah was home. She is her protector and her companion. I did not realize how dependent Haleigh was on Yessy until she went back to Carrie's for a few days when she was breeding and I came home from work one day to find Haleigh with a baseball bat out thinking she "may" have heard a noise and she just looked at me with a sad face and said, "I miss Yessy".

Originally I was concerned that when we had friends over, Yessy would be overly protective and not so friendly with our guests. She proved me wrong. As "ferocious" as she looks being a good sized Shepherd, she was very welcoming yet very aware of newcomers. Our friends have grown to love her and enjoy watching her so intent with her ball playing and her unusual swimming habits, such as her yelping as she swims and splashing with her paws. The sprint and sprawled out jump that she makes into the pool keeps us smiling. She is just like a child getting out of the pool and then jumping right back in....over and over and over.........

Thank you Carrie for giving us the joy of Yessy! She is our protector, our companion and our much loved best friend!

Sirko "Ares" von Hügelblick
previously Phnom Penh, Cambodia and presently in Nairobi, Kenya

Hi Carrie,

Here are a couple of photos with the family and Ares and Vesta in front of the King's Palace in Phnom Penh. I wanted to let you know that we have been offered a promotion within my organization and have accepted it. Our family will be moving to Nairobi, Kenya, in the next week. Of course, the dogs are coming with us. We have heard that the crime is high there but that we will be safe with the dogs. Of course this comforts us much because we don't just have any old dogs, we have Ares and Vesta. So you can now add Africa to the list of continents where Hillview Kennel dogs are serving.

We will wait a while before introducing them to any lions!

Shawn Kohl

Juno von Hügelblick


Juno is four months old now and it's been an exciting first two months with her. She is a great puppy. The first amazing blessing was that she had no problem getting comfortable in her crate from the first night. I had prepared myself for two weeks of sleepless nights and was pleasantly surprised that she barely made a peep the first night and by the second night she wasn't crying at all for her mama or siblings. She was incredibly easy to potty train as well. Don't get me wrong she had accidents but I really thought it would take longer to train her to go outside. She is doing well on her obedience training as well. Juno picks up things quickly because she is constantly watching and alert. Her bark is already very strong but we rarely hear it. My 16 year old daughter Sienna jumped over the fence and Juno quickly let her know that is not the way we enter the backyard. Even when resting in her favorite cool spot on the fireplace hearth she is keenly aware of what is going on. I got up one night to lock the front door and she heard the door knob jiggle. She immediately began to bark and sound the alarm.

Everywhere she goes she makes friends. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is and love her beautiful colors. Her favorite people by far are the children. She loves all the neighborhood children and is always watching what they are doing. She is also very protective of them. Recently while walking with Juno my seven year old daughter Madeline decided to quit the walk early and turned back for home. Juno would not continue the walk. Her only concern was where Madeline was going.

Juno loves riding in the car because she knows it means we are going somewhere new. She is a little adventurer and loves to explore. She goes nuts on hikes using her nose to take in all the new scents. She has tons of energy. We go on a short walk in the morning before I leave for work and a long one in the evening and it really helps to calm her. I am sure that her favorite place to be other than by my side is outside.

She is absolutely an amazing dog by any standards. All the traits anyone could desire in a dog she displays. When I look into her eyes I can see she is thinking and looking at me to for what to do next. I credit all this to the outstanding breeding program at Hillview Kennels. The dedication and attention to preserving the best traits of true working breed German Shepherds are evident in the puppies you produce. Additionally, I am impressed and very appreciative for all the communications during the entire process. You have been there to answer questions, give advice and help with challenges. I truly feel that we are part of the Hillview Kennels family!

Thanks for everything! I will be posting pictures of Juno on facebook as usual.


Ryan, Raleigh, NC

(Stella is from the M litter)


Hi Carrie,

Figured it was time to send the good folks and hounds and Hillview an update on Stella as well as seeing how things are going out there with you guys. First of all, we have moved to FL within the last 6 weeks as I am now stationed down here. Stella made the trip with me the whole way riding shotgun in the Penske truck, looking and acting bored the whole time. (See picture) She loves it here FL as she immediately let it be known that she was in charge of the neighborhood and all things including other dogs and children must go through her first. Once again, very alpha female. She is still obsessed with chasing the ball, especially when it is launched from the Chuck-It! Even the neighborhood kids get involved and ask to play ball with Stella. (picture) She is incredibly patient and now that she is older, she has started to be very aware and motherly to the little ones that come by and hang out. On several occasions, one curious child will start to wander off and Stella goes and starts to herd them back to the safety of the "pack" with gentle nudges and face licks. I have been asked by parents were she learned to do that, my only reply is that's Stella and she's awesome.

She has gone through another heat which was much more mild than first one, she seemed to realize that it was a natural deal and just rolled with of course it did nothing to slow her down or burn off an energy, very little does these days. Her constant curiosity and willingness to go anywhere is fantastic. She loves riding in the car,(picture) and loves to howl, literally howl, when fire trucks go by. It is so funny it makes me laugh to the point of tears. I don't know where she got the idea, but for some reason Stella loves my motorcycle(picture). She goes and checks on it every morning and loves to "escort" it up the driveway when I come home. She will plop herself down by it constantly and gets nothing but sheer joy from barking at it when I rev the engine. However, Stella has discovered the Gulf of Mexico and the waves it produces are the most fun she has ever had. She usually goes to the beach once a week for a couple hours and she chases the ball into the Gulf, down the beach, under the water, and all over the place. All with a gigantic grin and boundless energy. And of course, I get asked every time where I got such a well behaved and pretty dog and of course every time I extol the awesomeness of Hillview Kennels.

Anyway, hope all is well with you guys, always enjoy the newsletter and seeing how the program is going. Take care, and don't be surprised when Stella runs the state of Florida


•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

Great to hear from you, and thanks for adding us to the newsletter mailing list. Its pretty cool in my opinion. I should have returned your email much sooner however the last 6 months have been crazy busy for Noel and I. But enough nonsense about the dumb humans, lets get to the point of the email, Stella. Stella is friggin awesome! She is so much fun to have around, all 200 pounds of energy packed into a 55 pound body. At 9 months she is really starting to come into her own in life and settling into her role and the alpha female, big boss, leader, and all around hot stuff. You weren't joking almost a year ago about how Kometa's puppies have a high prey drive. There is not much that moves in our yard, much less the neighborhood that Stella isn't aware of. She still terrorizes the cat a little bit, but her favorite targets to run down are the chickens. Every morning there is 1 or 2 that have hopped the fence and Stella witnesses this egregious violation through the window and immediately wakes me up with a flying leap to my head begging to be let out. The even cooler part than her ridiculous fast speed and lightning fast reflexes and turn on a dime coordination, is when she finally runs down the chicken, she has a pretty soft mouth when corralling them. Stella is in no mood to kill the chickens, just chase them, and once she catches them, they are immediately released to go scurrying off again for her enjoyment. Its and absolute riot to watch, its actually brought tears to my eyes a couple times.

Stella loves to play tug of war, she and I have trained each other into a little game we call "Rocket". I have a 2 foot piece of climbing rope with knots tied in it that I walk away from her with, all the while she stays put. At the "Rocket!" call she assumes the characteristics of a missile and comes flying across the yard after the rope in my hand. She attacks it with unrelenting vigor and enthusiasm. We can play for hours until she gets too hot and jumps in her pool and calls it quits. However,"Rocket" pales in comparison to chasing tennis balls, good grief she loves to chase tennis balls! Indoors, outdoors, at the pond, in the yard , wherever. Our house has probably a dozen tennis balls and ropes laying around. She thoroughly enjoys running all over, on top and in between the kids playground equipment at the park by the house. Up the stairs on the slide only to sit for a quick moment and pose regally then back down again to run between the swings in a serpentine style, we just do 3 out the 4 swings for some reason. She loves to go flying and leaping over the teeter-totter and making 4G turns in the mulch as she accelerates past the slide. I am always impressed with her agility, balance and natural curiosity to try new things.

Her obedience is coming along very well, I get compliments on how well behaved she is all the time. But those compliments are out numbered easily 4-1 by all the compliments I receive on what a gorgeous dog Stella has become. Of course my response, is "duh". We usually go running at least 4 mornings a week and she finds nothing but joy in the activity. She loves to get in water, up to a point, and the fun of playing with my sisters yellow lab Wyatt who is just a couple months younger is probably her favorite social activity.

All in all, Stella is fantastic and is becoming a more and more wonderful dog every day. Not a day passes that she doesn't make me laugh out loud. I have attached some pictures from the last six months, hope you enjoy them as much as we do. Take care, always good to hear from you and Hillview gang

Ryan, Raleigh, NC

Xeta "Tor" von Hügelblick

Hi Carrie,
After we last we spoke Tor has had several exciting adventures. He went on his first hike in the hills behind our house as well as his first day at the river on my best friends farm. I have some pictures from the beach attached. Also some pics I took yesterday of him resting and relaxing in is favorite chair by the fire place that I will send in a separate email I need to download from my IPad.

Duke and I could not be happier with this beautiful boy. His intelligence, conformation, stamina and good nature are above and beyond what we have experienced with GSD's in the past. Although I will always miss my Shamus (135 lb. Black GSD) and was amazed by his intelligence and ball drive, the bloodlines and qualities we experience with Tor are just beyond our expectations. He is so responsive to commands, absolutely wants to please. He is displaying some protective characteristics at 4 months that we did not see with other dogs until almost a year old. I have said to Duke over and over again what an amazing police dog he would make. He has a very firm grip but absolute ability to let go and take direction within seconds. His favorite thing to do is hug. He makes lots of funny little nuzzling noises whenever you wrap your arms around him as if to say, "more more more hugs please....." What a dog! After a day at the beach he was already a champion swimmer and we can't wait to take him right back for more water sports.

He has two friends he plays with quite frequently- another GSD male and my niece's 8 lb. male chihuahua! LOL what diversity! Although he likes to chase the 4 house cats he knows not to bite or hurt them and they all sleep very peacefully together on the bed with us at night. He is by far the smartest, most loving, loyal and amazing dog we have ever been blessed to have in our lives. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to be his family.

Hope you are doing well and talk to you soon!

Mar'ia, Seattle, WA

Tessa von Hügelblick

Tess joined our family August 2010 shortly after our home was burglarized. We looked at German Shepherds to add another layer of security to our home. We have three children ages 8, 6, and 4. At first I had concerns of how a large dog would fit into our family. I addressed these with Carrie and other Hillview Kennel German Shepherd owners. After conversations with them I felt at ease and up to the task of adding another member to our family. Carrie understood our situation and picked the perfect puppy for us. Tess is a excellent personality match for our family. Tess loves our children as her own. She loves our 2 year old cat and treats him like a litter mate. She has a tremendous sense of what is "normal" at home and is quick to alert me or other family members when she notices something different. While Tess has never shown aggression, she has a natural protectiveness towards everyone in our family. Tess has surpassed all expectations I had for a family dog; so much so that we may add another member to the family in the future! I can testify Hillview Kennels will provide the best German Shepherd for your family. We are the proof.


Tailypo von Hügelblick

Please click here to view the video testimonial.

proud owners Jenn and Kevin Flynn, Wheaton, IL


Holly Hankins, Pikeville, TN

(Winston "Kayne" von Hügelblick)

Hey Carrie!! Just figured I would give you an update on Kayne! He is doing very well. . He got his check up with the vet and all is well. He is getting used to his crate (somewhat) and he knows how to sit, fetch, shake and lay down! He hasn't mastered them but he will almost always do them when asked.! He is a great dog and he and Marlie play well together....most of the time. Lol.

Potty training is going great! Only one accident in the last few days and it was my fault. He goes to the door and sits when he has to go outside!

Kayne has actually started herding the horses into the lot!!! He is so smart.

Holly Hankins, Pikeville, TN

Leslie, Nashville, TN

(Prestonia "Kaylie" von Hügelblick)

Hi Carrie!

I saw the newsletter you just sent. Your dogs from Germany are gorgeous. The female looks a lot like my Jude. The puppy pics are awesome as well. It sounds like you and the family are doing great.

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that Kaylie is doing really good and everyone just loves her! She is just the best girl and as you know she just turned a year old. She is a wonderful companion and that really is what I need. I love that pup more than anything and want to thank you for letting her come into my life. She is a very happy dog and that is very contagious.

I'm attaching a couple of pictures from Christmas, one with her and my daughter's dogs and one with a silly Santa hat (I couldn't help myself).

Take care.
Leslie Nashville, TN

Martin, Shanghai, China

(Roy "Ben" von Hügelblick)

Hi Carrie,

It is great to hear from you.Ben is great and become more and more steady. He is fine with other dogs and cars. Ben loves to stay with us. Whenever we go anywhere, he always follows us and see what we are doing. But most time I have to admit he is a smart, loyal and friendly dog especially in home with us. Right now he is over 48 pounds.

Best wishes,

Todd, Florida

(Quay Copper von Hügelblick)

Hey Carrie!! I just wanted to check in with you and say hello. My boy came from the vet today and he is 77 lbs. He's pretty lean but eats a ton, he has so much energy. We have worked up to 3 mile runs and he loves to be out and active. I still walk with him in the woods as well, he loves to pretend to chase things. He figured out how to bark about 2 weeks ago and is starting to lift his leg to pee.

The vet says he is the friendliest German Shepard she has ever seen. My boy is definitely a people pooch. I hope all is well with you too.

--Todd- Florida

Janet and Dave, Illinois

(Asha is from the J litter)

Hi Carrie,
Glad to hear from you. When we came to you we had lost our Siberian Husky (Madison) and our German Shepherd (Haley) in a house fire earlier that year. We were devastated at our loss and when our home was ready for us to move back in we were ready to look for a puppy. My husband found your web site. I am certainly glad he did. You picked the perfect puppy for us.

Asha has brought so much love and happiness back into our home. She is a very intelligent, confident, happy, loving and everything we were looking for.

You were right when you said she could be a loving pet but the drive is in her. She is very protective. Always wants to be with you. I love that about her.

There was a day my husband was going to meet me at the bike path after work. We were going to go opposite ways around the path so we would meet up. I had Asha. I noticed from a distance a man with a hat coming towards us. The man went behind a tree and as we got closer he went further behind the tree. I said to Asha who's that and she immediately was focused on him. As we got closer the man came out quickly towards us and to my surprise Asha started growling and quickly went towards him and then she discovered it was her dad. I never expected that being so young but she is everything we could have ever wanted. Thank you for helping us bring happiness back into our home.

Janet and Dave - Illinois

Corey and Bonnie Slovis

(Holle is from the R Liter)

UPDATE: Only good things to report.

What a great dog you picked out for us. Friendly, sound, good drive but not over the top, still with incredible focus, no fear but no aggression, the perfect mix. She plays well with all dogs, she can even usually seduce those that are aggressive. She temporarily backs up while maintaining eye contact and then slowly reapproaches. We take her to Camp Bow Wow several days a week since we work so much. She loves people, children and adults, the yard men, the painters, our friends and family. We had a party with 150 people at our house Friday. We kept her in the cage upstairs until most had arrived and then took her down on a leash and she wandered though the whole party saying hello and being petted. She alerts us if someone is at the door but usually calms down and if she doesn't calm down goes to her cage on command. Still opening doors. She has a memory like an elephant. If you put a favorite toy away she does not forget where it is. She is the dog equivalent of a gifted child. She loves Frizbee. She does amazing leaps into the air which we are trying not to encourage until she gets older. She has many of her mother's characteristics: the stubbornness, vocalization, opening doors, love of water. We had them Xray her hips and they said they were good. Nothing official since she was only 6 months but we are happy they look good so far. They love her where she goes for day camp and where we have boarded her twice for long weekends. I know it is their job to make us feel she is special but I get the sense that they truly think she is.

Hope all is going well at Hillview. We really enjoy the newsletters.

•   •   •   •   •   •   •   •

we cannot thank you enough for Holle ( R Liter). It has been a year since we lost our beloved GSD, Nell, and we came to you looking for a truly special puppy. You had been recommended to us by friends in both the Fire Department and Urban Search and Rescue. Holle is exactly what we asked you to try to find for us. Being patient and waiting for you to match us with the right dog was worth every minute. We asked you for a intelligent, people oriented animal with a sound temperament, that loved both other people and other dogs. Holle at 14 weeks is truly amazing. Not only is she friendly, she is alert, attentive, already loyal and follows basic commands. She has also apparently inherited her mother's ability to open closed doors and is quite proud of her "trick". Carrie, having a dog that can be like a best friend is of utmost importance to me. Thank you for giving Bonnie and me our perfect little friend. We will cherish our time with her as she grows and matures

Corey and Bonnie Slovis from Nashville

James & Laura Matthews


Dear Carrie,
I wanted to send you a letter to give you a little feedback on our Hillview experience.
As you know, we have owned Shepherds for 10 years, and lost our solid black male, Coal in September. We also have a 4 year old silver and black female. We felt that it was important to find a companion for Nikki, and so began our search for a breeder of black German Shepherds that would provide the best possible solid black male to join our family. We attended some regional Shepherd shows, received recommendations and began contacting various breeders. We had also selected a few breeders from websites, Hillview was in fact one of these. As the research and selection process proceeded, it became very clear that Hillview was our choice.

There were quite a few contributing factors that brought us to Hillview. Here are the most significant ones:

"¢ Excellent communications / responsive, personal, accurate and educational.
"¢ Professionalism / Accurate timelines with frequent updates and flexibility when necessary.
"¢ Philosophical Integrity / We found that the philosophies of Hillview Kennels that were outlined on their website to be completely accurate.
"¢ Puppy selection / we provided a history and profile of our family. Two young daughters, a four year old female Shepherd and experiences. She took family profile into consideration and selected the puppy that would best fit into our family.
"¢ Breeding and Documentation / The absolute best bloodlines, with frequent introduction of new bloodlines into the breeding program.
"¢ Training resources / Hillview provides a full menu of optional Training Programs, including personal protection.

In summary, we have found our Hillview experience to exceed our expectations. They truly are committed to the highest standards in providing very high quality German Shepherds that are an expression of their love of the breed.
Our local trainer in Columbus has been very impressed with his intelligence, disposition and ability to learn quickly. He has indicated that Midnight is showing attributes that will make him an excellent candidate for Schutzhund training.
We are exceedingly happy to have Midnight join our family, but at the same time feel that we have become a member of the Hillview Family. We will definitely remain in touch for our future Shepherds, it has been a truly rewarding experience.
James & Laura Matthews

Richard and Pam Ivey, Boiling Springs, SC

(Pancho & Sadie Von Hügelblick)

Carrie, We would like to take a moment to thank you for our two puppies . These are truely great puppies to train for Schutzhund. Pancho Von Hugelblick is a natural for protection training and is progressing well in tracking and obedience.Everyone who sees him in the sport praises his ability, attitude, and fortitude. Our female (Sadie Von Hugelblick) is for sure growing into a competitive dog also.We are waiting impatiently for her to become of age to begin Schutzhund. You have a fine breeding program and we will certainly return to your kennel when ready to purchase our next German Sheherd Dog !

Sincerely, Richard and Pam Ivey Boiling Springs, SC

Melody Snelson, Virginia

(Maline aka Zeta is from the M litter)

Hi Carrie. I just thought I would let you know that Zeta had a wonderful first week as a Snelson. She has adjusted really well to our family and we are enjoying her so much! Our daughters have started setting their alarm clocks 30 minutes early in the morning so they can spend some time playing with her before school. Our married son who lives in the area, came by several times last week just to get to play with her and our other son, who is at Virginia Tech, is making a special trip home this weekend so that he can meet her. She certainly gets no shortage of attention here!
Her house training is going well. She actually whined yesterday to be taken outside when she had to go. Obviously, we still keep a close eye on her for the signs and take her out very often, but she is beginning to understand what we want her to do.
She has spent a lot of time trying to make friends with our two cats, which has been really entertaining. Sally, the one in the picture, is starting to warm up to her a little. Well, she is letting her curiosity get the better of her and she is allowing Zeta to get closer to her from time to time. Scooter, our other cat, has made every effort not to let his feet hit the floor since Zeta arrived. He merely observes her from as high a perch as he can find.
Zeta is fascinated with our chickens. She bounds across the yard after them, but when they stop and look at her, she puts on the brakes. Apparently, the thrill is in the chase "“ not in the capture.
She goes back to the vet tomorrow for her next set of shots. I am interested to see how much she weighs now "“ she is getting big so fast!!!
I hope all is well with you and your family!

Penny Moeller, Mississippi

(Jakiva aka Akiva is from the J litter)

Sorry it's taken me so long to update you on Akiva. She is doing wonderfully! We think she's up to 32 lbs. now. I've attached a recent pic for you.
We have started doing some training with her. She can now sit, lay down, stay, come, bark, growl, and even play dead when we pretend shoot her (stupid pet trick).
Akiva is incredibly smart, very protective, beautiful, and really different than our golden retriever. It's very obvious that she's a working dog, so we do our best to work her. One of our favorite games is hide and seek. With a large yard and house she can really get some exercise and stimulation. You can tell that she's starting to use her sense of smell to locate us. She's actually become very good at finding us and seems to have caught on to what we're doing. It is a challenge to hold her back though when one of us is trying to hide!
Thank you again for all you've done for us. Akiva is such a joy and we are thrilled to have her in our family. Hope you have a blessed new year!

Tim Moreau P.E., Louisiana

(Ignaz is from the I litter)

Dear Carrie,
I bought a Zidane female a couple of years back with the hope of getting her titled in Schutzhund. After many trials and tribulations, and a few more dollars than I care to admit, I came to the conclusion that she was not Schutzhund material. Plan B was to put a deposit with Carrie for a puppy for my grandchildren and yes perhaps a puppy for me that could be titled. Out of the blue one day, Carrie calls and offers me Ignaz. Ignaz was four months old at the time, a male sired by V Falk van den Wolven with SG Baghira von der Riesling Route, the "I" litter. What an amazing pedigree! Why would Carrie sell a dog with such a dream pedigree? Oh well, I decided the bloodline was simply too good to pass up. What a dog! Strong prey drive, of course, solid temperament, athletic and a sound mind. With all these great attributes I was satisfied with a great prospect.
It was only a few days back home until I began to appreciate that Ignaz had something special. Ignaz has that special connection with his owner that we usually just dream about. He is totally in tune with you, anticipating every move, command even thought. His friend or foe instinct is truly unbelievable. His ability to anticipate what's next is truly amazing.
Ignaz is currently with a professional trainer who is confident he can achieve Schutzhund III. He may even be good enough to move on the Competitive Schutzhund Trials. For me Ignaz is a once in a lifetime type dog. Thanks Carrie for allowing me the privilege to have a great dog like Ignaz. I have dreamed of owning Schutzhund titled dog for years. I am certain Ignaz is the dog that will make that dream come true. I hope to give each of my seven children a puppy from the Ignaz line, once he is titled. Hopefully they will continue the line for many generations to come. A bit of a dream perhaps, but more of a reality today than just a few months ago. Thanks Carrie.

Hello Carrie,
Just wanted to let you know we had to relocate to Texas due to our jobs. We found a place that has a smaller front yard, but tons of space next to the home for Jager to run and run and run like he loves to do. He is so fast and runs so hard with determination. He has such a drive to track as well. I am positive he would have made an excellent schutzhund dog. But he is our own protection dog that does very well with the home. I always have him search the house when we come in. His sense of smell is so strong. He picks up immediately if someone other than us has been in the house when he has been out(like cable guy,phone company. He will alert immediately and search the entire house til I tell him to stop. He is also so gentle with our friend's two little girls 3,10 years old. Anyways, I wanted to give you a little update and send you a pic of Jager I took recently"¦take care and hope your holidays are great to you"¦.
- Chris and Melissa Rosales

Merry Christmas!
The Grandkids named the puppy Reese. Not sure where that came from but she seems to like it. The puppy is doing great. She really is the perfect puppy for her new family. Reese has a wonderful disposition, is very smart and is eager to please. She is loyal and and energetic.
Reese was a Christmas present for the Grandkids. Thanks for providing the perfect gift.
- Tim Moreau, Louisiana
(K litter)

Helda is a pleasure to own. If my prediction is correct, she will be a very serious adult. I think everything I need is there, solid nerves, itensity, good balance of prey and defense with serious aggression. I have started rag work, tracking as well as socializing her. She excels at all phases and levels given her age ( 12 weeks!). She is going to be a big girl. She is already barking at any person outside of our fence! Thanks again, Carrie. I am very lucky to have such a fine puppy as her.
With regards,
- Joe K.,

Blake & Carrie,
I just wanted to write you and say thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to take Goose, the second pick male out of the Briska and Ellute breeding. So far he turning out exactly the way I hoped he would. He has an awesome temperament, he loves everybody he has ever met so far. Environmentally, nothing seems to bothers him.
All the necessary drives seem to be there for each of the three phases. Food and ball drives are great and he loves to work! He is very intelligent and is a good problem solver. He is very bonded with me, but still has an independent side that I like. Iam looking forward to him growing up and getting some serious work done with him. Looking forward to coming up to visit soon!
- Josh M.

Following an extensive search for a special young dog, I obtained Fratze from Hillview Kennels. Now 14 months old, I have not been disappointed. Fratze is an excellent companion and superb guardian. He is an exceptionally happy dog, and he possesses a delightful, playful personality. Curious and alert, he learns quickly, and he is also social and adaptable. Physically, he is a very handsome expressive dark sable of ideal medium size. Compact and powerful, Fratze is fast and explosive. Fratze exudes confidence and canine charisma, and, in fact, radiates the presence of a patrol dog on our late night walks. In my opinion, he is going to be "really something" when he reaches maturity.
Backed by generous resources, good facilities, and the support of some of Europe's elite dog people, Carrie and Blake Fohl are in the process of establishing a kennel par excellence. They already own many well bred quality bitches"”titled, breed rated, and proven"”who have been paired with world-class males. There is also Atze, Fratze's sire, a gorgeous ebony K9 sculpture at stud. With a sincere commitment to the working German Shepherd, a desire to carefully match puppies with owners, and continuing assistance and friendship beyond the purchase, you should contact Hillview Kennels. I certainly am happy that I did.
- G. Lynn Hales

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