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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Hello Carrie,
Just wanted to let you know we had to relocate to Texas due to our jobs. We found a place that has a smaller front yard, but tons of space next to the home for Jager to run and run and run like he loves to do. He is so fast and runs so hard with determination. He has such a drive to track as well. I am positive he would have made an excellent schutzhund dog. But he is our own protection dog that does very well with the home. I always have him search the house when we come in. His sense of smell is so strong. He picks up immediately if someone other than us has been in the house when he has been out(like cable guy,phone company. He will alert immediately and search the entire house til I tell him to stop. He is also so gentle with our friend's two little girls 3,10 years old. Anyways, I wanted to give you a little update and send you a pic of Jager I took recently"Ā¦take care and hope your holidays are great to you"Ā¦.
- Chris and Melissa Rosales

Merry Christmas!
The Grandkids named the puppy Reese. Not sure where that came from but she seems to like it. The puppy is doing great. She really is the perfect puppy for her new family. Reese has a wonderful disposition, is very smart and is eager to please. She is loyal and and energetic.
Reese was a Christmas present for the Grandkids. Thanks for providing the perfect gift.
- Tim Moreau, Louisiana
(K litter)

Helda is a pleasure to own. If my prediction is correct, she will be a very serious adult. I think everything I need is there, solid nerves, itensity, good balance of prey and defense with serious aggression. I have started rag work, tracking as well as socializing her. She excels at all phases and levels given her age ( 12 weeks!). She is going to be a big girl. She is already barking at any person outside of our fence! Thanks again, Carrie. I am very lucky to have such a fine puppy as her.
With regards,
- Joe K.,

Blake & Carrie,
I just wanted to write you and say thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to take Goose, the second pick male out of the Briska and Ellute breeding. So far he turning out exactly the way I hoped he would. He has an awesome temperament, he loves everybody he has ever met so far. Environmentally, nothing seems to bothers him.
All the necessary drives seem to be there for each of the three phases. Food and ball drives are great and he loves to work! He is very intelligent and is a good problem solver. He is very bonded with me, but still has an independent side that I like. Iam looking forward to him growing up and getting some serious work done with him. Looking forward to coming up to visit soon!
- Josh M.

Following an extensive search for a special young dog, I obtained Fratze from Hillview Kennels. Now 14 months old, I have not been disappointed. Fratze is an excellent companion and superb guardian. He is an exceptionally happy dog, and he possesses a delightful, playful personality. Curious and alert, he learns quickly, and he is also social and adaptable. Physically, he is a very handsome expressive dark sable of ideal medium size. Compact and powerful, Fratze is fast and explosive. Fratze exudes confidence and canine charisma, and, in fact, radiates the presence of a patrol dog on our late night walks. In my opinion, he is going to be "really something"Ā¯ when he reaches maturity.
Backed by generous resources, good facilities, and the support of some of Europe's elite dog people, Carrie and Blake Fohl are in the process of establishing a kennel par excellence. They already own many well bred quality bitches"ā€¯titled, breed rated, and proven"ā€¯who have been paired with world-class males. There is also Atze, Fratze's sire, a gorgeous ebony K9 sculpture at stud. With a sincere commitment to the working German Shepherd, a desire to carefully match puppies with owners, and continuing assistance and friendship beyond the purchase, you should contact Hillview Kennels. I certainly am happy that I did.
- G. Lynn Hales

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