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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Bowie von Hügelblick

I had been looking for the right German Shepherd for over 2 years. I felt like I was searching for a breeder that didn't exist. I knew the sport I wanted to compete in would take a special dog. I knew GSDs competing in Ringsport were a rarity but I had my heart set on having a German Shepherd be my first dog to compete with in the sport. I was blessed to have a good friend and trainer, Tim Welch, who had helped me pick out my first GSD, who was then nearing the age of 14. Tim for the past several years was competing with several different breeds who he trained to become Ringsport champions. In hanging around the club, I fell in love with the sport and yearned to have a new working dog of my own. Granted, most of the dogs in Ringsport were not GSDs but I wanted a challenge and I wanted to see my favorite breed compete in the sport.

As a casting/talent producer, I was thorough and my search for my next dog came near and far. I researched dogs and lines all over the world. I contacted and spoke to several breeders and I felt like none really understood what I was looking for and honestly, most didn't have the patience to hear out how important it was for me to wait for the right puppy. This would not only be my partner and teammate, but he would also be a member of the family and a protector of the home. Just as important, I wanted to make sure he had a natural on and off switch "“ "on" when he was on the field and "off" when he was at home with the family. I wanted him to be able to understand what it meant to be gentle with children and smaller dogs and when it was time to have fun working.

While on a working dog forum, I read positive reviews on Hillview Kennels. I reached out to Carrie Fohl and immediately we hit it off. She was friendly but informative and she wasn't annoyed with all my 101 questions and long winded emails. Carrie was patient and didn't rush me into getting one of her puppies. In fact, we talked and kept in touch for almost a year until she told me about a litter of 5 boys from Atze and Yessi. It felt right and I went for it. I traveled to Nashville and fell in love with their beautiful kennel and the pups. And I ended up taking Bowie home right in time for Thanksgiving.

We immediately started our training for Ringsport but my trainer, Tim, knew that training a German Shepherd in this sport would be a slow and steady progression. The main difference between Schutzhund and Ringsport is the use of defense and prey drive. Coming from a line of Schutzhund/IPO champions, I knew the defense was naturally in him. But bringing out Bowie's prey drive was just as important along with balancing the defense in him. Bowie will be turning 2 years old at the end of September and since we got him, he's come a long way in his training. Our goal is to compete in our Brevet next year and hopefully thereafter, our Ring 1. Throughout it all, Carrie has been supportive when I've had questions on his parents and the lines. We've kept in touch not only because of Bowie but also because we've become friends. The Fohls really do make each of their dogs a member of their family and I couldn't help but love and respect them for that. When I saw their son, Zephan, with Atze, I saw what Bowie would be to my family and to our future kids. Watching the two interact, it was beautiful and I was lucky to witness this in person.

I feel what is most important in finding the right GSD is finding a passionate and responsible breeder and also finding a supportive trainer who knows what they are doing in the sport that you want to compete in. My family and I feel truly blessed in having a breeder and trainer believe in Bowie as much as I do. When I'm out playing or training with Bowie, it's one of the few things I am able to lose myself completely in the fun. He's my best friend, my personal direwolf , and a member and protector of the family. May all of you who are lucky enough to get a Hillview member of the family be as blessed with joy as we are.

Jackie Topacio and Family
Los Angeles, CA

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