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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Dux von Hügelblick

Where do I begin? We are so thrilled with Dux (Atze' x Baghira). When my husband first told me he had always wanted a German Shepherd, I was sceptical. I had only seen poor quality GSD's and did not really know about the sport of Schutzhund. I am a horse trainer and breeder, so I appreciate and understand quality. I told my husband that I would research the breed to make sure we got the right dog for our family. After months of research and looking through several websites, I decided that I wanted a competitive Schutzhund dog. I kept going back to the Hillview Kennels site. I was impressed with the dogs, and always current updates. Most of the sites I found were out of date, or hadn't bred a litter in years. One of the sites I called told me that if I bought a puppy from them, it would be spayed or neutered at 8 wks old before I could have it! (Shouldn't that be my decision? and who alters a puppy at 8 weeks???) When I finally called Carrie, she was very patient and informative as I told her that we would be first time GSD owners.

I wanted the PERFECT dog with the PERFECT temperament to live in the house AND be a competitive Schutzhund dog. This dog could not be TOO much dog for me as a first time handler AND have an off switch, BUT have enough drive to stand out! (not too much to ask right?), she referred me to Annette Holbrook from Wolfbrook dog park who has many Hillview dogs in their club and even a full sister to the littler I was calling about. Annette basically told me that if I had an opportunity to own a puppy from this breeding that I should jump on it! We made our deposit that day! Several weeks later we made the trip up to Nashville. The hospitality the Fohl's provided us was exceptional, the dogs were amazing, and our baby Dux was a happy well socialized puppy and we were so excited. Once we got Dux home, he was such an easy puppy. The Fohl's son Zephan had done such a good job with his initial socialization, that he adapted to every situation stress free. From day 1 he excelled in his training and impressed everyone who has seen him thus far. Carrie has this amazing ability to match up the right dog with the right owners. Dux has exceeded all of my expectations and makes me look like I know what I'm doing! He has this unsurmountable drive to please, and has the energy of 10 dogs. He would work 24/7 if I let him! At 19 months old, he has the off switch of a made dog, and you can turn it back on in a nano second! I can take this dog anywhere, he knows the difference if he is accompanying me to a horse show, or if he is on the field for his favorite game of protection. When I asked for the PERFECT dog, I got THE PERFECT DOG! I have had the pleasure of getting to know the Fohl family very well over the last 19 months now. Carrie even entrusted me with raising her beloved D'Atze (Dux's littler mate) Who is now in Germany training with Sandro Sechi. I had a blast having both D boys at the farm. I learned a lot while they were growing up. D'Atze is another PERFECT dog! I wouldn't have expected that. SO now that I am completely obsessed with GSD's because of these 2 exceptional dogs (as well as the several other Hillview dogs I have been in contact with since this journey began), my husband may at certain times question his request to own a German shepherd 2 short years ago, but he loves Dux just as much as I do. LOL and I have officially joined the club of the "Crazy dog Ladies". We have met great people, and are currently training with Josh Markow from Classic City Working Dogs, who is on the 2013 WUSV team with none other than, you guesed it! A Hillview bred dog "Iccky" Who also happens to be Dux's big brother! HOW COOL IS THAT?!?!

We can never thank you enough Fohl family and Hillview Kennels!
Gina And Thomas Pfeffer

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