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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Corey and Bonnie Slovis

(Holle is from the R Liter)

UPDATE: Only good things to report.

What a great dog you picked out for us. Friendly, sound, good drive but not over the top, still with incredible focus, no fear but no aggression, the perfect mix. She plays well with all dogs, she can even usually seduce those that are aggressive. She temporarily backs up while maintaining eye contact and then slowly reapproaches. We take her to Camp Bow Wow several days a week since we work so much. She loves people, children and adults, the yard men, the painters, our friends and family. We had a party with 150 people at our house Friday. We kept her in the cage upstairs until most had arrived and then took her down on a leash and she wandered though the whole party saying hello and being petted. She alerts us if someone is at the door but usually calms down and if she doesn't calm down goes to her cage on command. Still opening doors. She has a memory like an elephant. If you put a favorite toy away she does not forget where it is. She is the dog equivalent of a gifted child. She loves Frizbee. She does amazing leaps into the air which we are trying not to encourage until she gets older. She has many of her mother's characteristics: the stubbornness, vocalization, opening doors, love of water. We had them Xray her hips and they said they were good. Nothing official since she was only 6 months but we are happy they look good so far. They love her where she goes for day camp and where we have boarded her twice for long weekends. I know it is their job to make us feel she is special but I get the sense that they truly think she is.

Hope all is going well at Hillview. We really enjoy the newsletters.

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we cannot thank you enough for Holle ( R Liter). It has been a year since we lost our beloved GSD, Nell, and we came to you looking for a truly special puppy. You had been recommended to us by friends in both the Fire Department and Urban Search and Rescue. Holle is exactly what we asked you to try to find for us. Being patient and waiting for you to match us with the right dog was worth every minute. We asked you for a intelligent, people oriented animal with a sound temperament, that loved both other people and other dogs. Holle at 14 weeks is truly amazing. Not only is she friendly, she is alert, attentive, already loyal and follows basic commands. She has also apparently inherited her mother's ability to open closed doors and is quite proud of her "trick"Ā¯. Carrie, having a dog that can be like a best friend is of utmost importance to me. Thank you for giving Bonnie and me our perfect little friend. We will cherish our time with her as she grows and matures

Corey and Bonnie Slovis from Nashville

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