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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Insane Thunder von Hügelblick

Carrie Fohl, You Really Are The Very Best!!!!! How do we begin to say Thank You, Again!!!!

I don't know exactly how to express our sincere gratitude to Carrie Fohl, we are truly blessed to be able to bring home another world class, amazing puppy from the Famous Hillview Kennels!!!

A lot has to be said about you, when you have repeat customers. I know I'm completely happy with our first puppy from you, SG Reign von Hügelblick, you picked out the perfect puppy for me. And after that, I knew we would be back for another!

It all started this past January, my husband wanted a puppy. One night, I decided to just call Carrie, my husband had no idea I was on the phone with her, I sat down next to him and said to Carrie that James wanted a puppy. That's all he kept telling me, so, I figured if he wanted a puppy, It has to be a Hügelblick!!!

I had noticed earlier that Layla and Neo had a pregnancy confirmation on Hillview Kennels Facebook Page. I told James I had Carrie on the phone and that I'm going to put a deposit down on a nice male puppy for him, he just stood in shock. After being so pleased with our first puppy from Carrie, (Reign out of Planka x Olek), we couldn't go wrong with getting a second one. So that night, I gave Carrie a deposit, and let her know what James was looking for. Carrie has such an awesome ability of picking out the perfect puppy for whatever your wants and needs are.

We had our eyes on that litter after that night. When the time came, and all the puppies were born, only one gorgeous male puppy was in the litter, the rest were all beautiful females.

James told Carrie he'll wait for that perfect little guy, I could tell he was a bit bummed. Carrie came right back with "Hillview Has an Announcement to make in two weeks". Now that got him going!!!

Two weeks later, Carrie sent us a message, we we're completely blown away with the Announcement, "Ouch Von Hügelblick x Bolle Ja Na Ka Confirmed Pregnancy"!!! James just about fell out of his chair!!!! What a super nice surprise!!!!

"How does she do it", said my husband!!! He could not believe it, he couldn't wait!! Once the puppies were born, we knew our puppy had arrived, we couldn't believe it!!! Every day, he'd say "I wonder what my puppy's like".

We went up to Tennessee to pick up James new puppy. I wanted to meet Carrie too, let me say, she is such a great lady!!! She took us on a tour around her property, we also met her father, what a nice man!!! I got to meet all the puppies, including Ouch & Planka <- Reign’s Dam. What an absolutely beautiful home, situated on top of a Hill overlooking Nashville!!! Carrie even had me sign her Guest Book!!! She makes you feel right at home! Most of all, you can tell these dog's are her life's work, I've done my homework, she has nothing but the best quality to offer the world!!! I always thought that if you wanted a super dog, you have to go to Germany, well, Carrie brings Germany's greatest dog's home with her!!! Not to mention, Germany loves her dogs also, they buy puppies from her too!!!

Let me say, the puppy that Carrie picked out for James is truly awesome!!!! I don't know how she does it, this little guy is something else!! James named him: Insane Thunder von Hügelblick- He is everything James wanted and more!!! Carrie, you really did such a super job with this little guy!!!

Carries dad brought the puppy out to the courtyard and once he put him on the ground, that little guy shot straight over to James. So friendly and lively, it's like this perfect little puppy had James name etched inside of his heart, like he knew that was his Daddy!!! We love him, he's solid and fearless, his nerves are awesome, and he's got fire inside!!! This little guy is absolutely awesome and he's simply adorable!!!

We really feel that in dealing with Carrie, we've already given ourselves a much better chance at accomplishing our IPO goals, because we chose a solid starting point, it all starts with awesome breedings, and Carrie's ability to pick out that puppy!!! She definitely has what it takes!!! Also too, I want to mention, when competitors and judges and famous trainers are telling you that Carrie Fohl at Hillview Kennels is the best breeder for German Shepherds, you know you need to listen up!!!

We can't believe we're so fortunate to be able to own a puppy of this caliber!!! James is just in awe over this guy!!! He's a little character too, he loves to be held, and when you put him down he'll tear after his ball, we can play ball for ever with him, he never seems to get tired of it. What I really love about him, is when you talk to him, he looks you right in the eyes, he does his little head turns and he never takes his eyes off of you, he is Amazing!!! We Love Him!!!

So Thank You Carrie Fohl @ Hillview Kennels!!!
We couldn't have asked for a more perfect puppy!!!
Keep up the great work!!!

We Love You!!!!
James & Dottie DeBusk
Thunder, Reign, Gandhi & Meesha

P.S. You are the #1 GSD Breeder in the USA!!!

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