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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Juno von Hügelblick


Juno is four months old now and it's been an exciting first two months with her. She is a great puppy. The first amazing blessing was that she had no problem getting comfortable in her crate from the first night. I had prepared myself for two weeks of sleepless nights and was pleasantly surprised that she barely made a peep the first night and by the second night she wasn't crying at all for her mama or siblings. She was incredibly easy to potty train as well. Don't get me wrong she had accidents but I really thought it would take longer to train her to go outside. She is doing well on her obedience training as well. Juno picks up things quickly because she is constantly watching and alert. Her bark is already very strong but we rarely hear it. My 16 year old daughter Sienna jumped over the fence and Juno quickly let her know that is not the way we enter the backyard. Even when resting in her favorite cool spot on the fireplace hearth she is keenly aware of what is going on. I got up one night to lock the front door and she heard the door knob jiggle. She immediately began to bark and sound the alarm.

Everywhere she goes she makes friends. Everyone comments on how beautiful she is and love her beautiful colors. Her favorite people by far are the children. She loves all the neighborhood children and is always watching what they are doing. She is also very protective of them. Recently while walking with Juno my seven year old daughter Madeline decided to quit the walk early and turned back for home. Juno would not continue the walk. Her only concern was where Madeline was going.

Juno loves riding in the car because she knows it means we are going somewhere new. She is a little adventurer and loves to explore. She goes nuts on hikes using her nose to take in all the new scents. She has tons of energy. We go on a short walk in the morning before I leave for work and a long one in the evening and it really helps to calm her. I am sure that her favorite place to be other than by my side is outside.

She is absolutely an amazing dog by any standards. All the traits anyone could desire in a dog she displays. When I look into her eyes I can see she is thinking and looking at me to for what to do next. I credit all this to the outstanding breeding program at Hillview Kennels. The dedication and attention to preserving the best traits of true working breed German Shepherds are evident in the puppies you produce. Additionally, I am impressed and very appreciative for all the communications during the entire process. You have been there to answer questions, give advice and help with challenges. I truly feel that we are part of the Hillview Kennels family!

Thanks for everything! I will be posting pictures of Juno on facebook as usual.


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