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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

WolfBrook Dog Club & Park & Cooper Creek DVG

Breeding dogs is a challenge that is always under estimated. Very few who have any understanding of what it takes to pursue this objective successfully pursue it far enough to achieve notable results. It always takes much more time, money, patience and dedication that anyone ever thinks it will.


The other challenge for a breeder is the expectation level of those who may be in the market for a puppy. All such people want is everything they can think of in terms of sheer perfection plus everything they learn down the road that they should have considered before they bought a pup. Of course everyone who wants a pup wants something a little bit different and better than everyone else. In other words puppy buyers are completely and utterly impossible to satisfy.


So all you have to do to be a successful dog breeder is to devote limitless personal and financial resources to produce perfection beyond all human expectation from a totally uncontrolable and random genetic crap shoot. Wonder why there are not more successful breeders?

Those of us who have devoted significant personal and financial resources to this task know that far from over estimating this pursuit we are still under estimating it. Our whole hearted and genuine admiration belong to those who find within themselves the strength to pursue this very important but impossible task.


We suppose there may be someone somewhere who has pored more into this thankless and bottomless pit of hopes and expectations than the Fohls and Hillview Kennels. We just have no idea where or how such a resource could exist in the world we travel. Until we find such a resourse we will remain appreciative and adamant fans.


When I was born my parents had a German Shepherd that was my baby sitter/guardian. My family had 6 different GSD's by the time I got to high school.


Fresh out of college, I discovered Schutzhund and have pursued the sport since. My estimation of my greatest achievement in Schutzhund has been my success at getting puppies to "do the work". I took all of my first 6 GSD puppies to Sch titles, 4 males, 2 females. Both my original two dogs made qualifying scores for the National Championship. My dogs have won local and regional trials and scored many High In....I can't even begin to remember all the excellent examples of the breed I have had the pleasure of working with as a helper and Training Director over the years.


My greatest interest in German Shepherds and Schutzhund has not been competition though. My greatest interest has been in building the best working relationship possible with the breed of dogs that in my estimation best exemplifies the term "man's best friend". Breeding and training the best dogs possible is where my dedication lies.


I have served as President and or Training Director of four Schutzhund Clubs in metro Atlanta. I worked with Ed Shipman in his GSD breeding program for many years. Ed was on the National Breed Advisory Council for Schutzhund USA for many years and a dedicated respected breeder. Ed served as the Breed Warden in Atlanta until he retired from Schutzhund. I was Assistant Breed Warden and Tattooer. I raised and helped train many puppies from Ed's kennel Wulfshagen. My wife Annette and I bred and raised working dogs long enough to appreciate the challenges.


Mike and Annette Holbrook
WolfBrook Dog Club & Park
Copper Creek DVG

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