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We always love to hear the stories of our puppies and their new owners. Here are some of the testimonials.

Xeta "Tor" von Hügelblick

Hi Carrie,
After we last we spoke Tor has had several exciting adventures. He went on his first hike in the hills behind our house as well as his first day at the river on my best friends farm. I have some pictures from the beach attached. Also some pics I took yesterday of him resting and relaxing in is favorite chair by the fire place that I will send in a separate email I need to download from my IPad.

Duke and I could not be happier with this beautiful boy. His intelligence, conformation, stamina and good nature are above and beyond what we have experienced with GSD's in the past. Although I will always miss my Shamus (135 lb. Black GSD) and was amazed by his intelligence and ball drive, the bloodlines and qualities we experience with Tor are just beyond our expectations. He is so responsive to commands, absolutely wants to please. He is displaying some protective characteristics at 4 months that we did not see with other dogs until almost a year old. I have said to Duke over and over again what an amazing police dog he would make. He has a very firm grip but absolute ability to let go and take direction within seconds. His favorite thing to do is hug. He makes lots of funny little nuzzling noises whenever you wrap your arms around him as if to say, "more more more hugs please....." What a dog! After a day at the beach he was already a champion swimmer and we can't wait to take him right back for more water sports.

He has two friends he plays with quite frequently- another GSD male and my niece's 8 lb. male chihuahua! LOL what diversity! Although he likes to chase the 4 house cats he knows not to bite or hurt them and they all sleep very peacefully together on the bed with us at night. He is by far the smartest, most loving, loyal and amazing dog we have ever been blessed to have in our lives. We cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to be his family.

Hope you are doing well and talk to you soon!

Mar'ia, Seattle, WA

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